A Driver with Nitrous Boosts

November 13, 2008

The Air Force One club, like our current President, is trying to get you ahead of where you are now.  The difference is that the club is getting you ahead in a game of golf, while the President is more concerned about your socioeconomic status.  No offence, Prez, but we’re going with the aptly named club on this one.  Hit the jump to understand its crazy science powers and how they’ll help you.

Air Force One (the club, not the plane) is filled with nitrogen gas. This relieves some of the tension in the metal of the club head making it “boing-ier,” if you will.  This is advantageous because most clubs hit their peak of ball-knocking efficiency with a swing speed of 110 mph.  And, if you’re anything like the average American male, you don’t swing that fast.  Get the big dog here for $500.