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Flip Facts: Drive Through Meth Lab

by TheFlipMen   August 13, 2012 at 5:00PM  |  Views: 4,477
Exterior Before:

At first glance, the main issue was that this home lacks curb appeal. The overall appearance is dingy, dark and uninviting. The two biggest eyesores are the green roof, lattice, and the ugly brown plastic shade.

Exterior After:

The overall curb appeal on the home was greatly increased by making a few simple changes. The ugly lattice and shade were easily removed and a clean white trim replaced the existing green trim. The roof had been previously replaced and was in relatively good shape. Switching to a white trim created a nice contrast between the green roof and the base color of the home. Adding the white wood railing also added a nice stylistic flare that compliments the original architecture nicely.

The house was painted with Kwal Howells color "Fudge" brown paint. Wood railings were added and painted white to match the door and trim.

Note: A general yard clean up, bark and flowers in the planter areas are always a must. 

Kitchen Before:

The cabinetry in the kitchen was in poor condition, refinishing the cabinets was not an option as they cabinets were literally falling apart. The countertops were a plastic laminate covered with stains and blemishes. The layout of the kitchen wasn't functional. The dining area was closed off from the rest of the kitchen area separated by a large bar. 

Kitchen After:

All of the cabinets were removed and replaced using toffee stained Franklin Style cabinets from Solid Cabinets. Guberana Rio granite countertops were installed along with a stainless steel sink and faucet. A subway tile backsplash was used to add some flare in the kitchen. Black appliances were installed to compliment the new laminate flooring, tying the selected colors together. The layout was redesigned to open up the kitchen to the dining area. The redesign created additional space to include an island with cooking space and dining room for two.

Note: Simple backsplashes behind countertops and stainless steel knobs on the cabinetry are additions we almost always use. 

Backyard Before:

The key issue in this back yard is that there was no privacy. Additionally, several refrigerators were found buried in the backyard, this seems like an odd finding but not that uncommon. The existing shed was one of the most poorly constructed structures we've seen; it was ugly and unsafe. Normally saving a shed or detached garage can create storage or parking space, increasing a property's value but this one had to go.

Backyard After:

The shed was torn down and the yard was cleared of debris. The buried refrigerators were removed and the decision was made to resod the entire back yard. A six foot privacy fence was added enclosing the backyard. Enclosing the back yard with the privacy fence creates a desirable feature, privacy while sitting on the back patio.

Entry Before:

The problem with the entry area centered on the use of the wrong paint colors. Dark stained trim in a small home doesn't give off a welcoming or grandiose feeling. The wall paint was an old brown that needed an update. The carpeting throughout the home needed to be replaced. 

Entry After:

The trim in the home was primed and painted using an off white Kwal Howells paint, "Mystaya." The main wall spaces were painted a light grey using Kwal Howells "Georgia Water." The carpet used is a neutral tan color with several variations brown tones, Shaw's "Limestone."

The grey wall paint with the off white trim brightens the room, with the tan contrasts in the carpet a more open and spacious feeling is created. 

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