Godzilla's Getting Another Remake?

August 13, 2009

Godzilla’s been around for a long time and even had a recent remake in 1998 under the man of mindless movies, Roland Emmerich. Well, there’s no time better than the present to remake something again, and that’s exactly what Legendary Pictures intends to do.

Nothing is official and no real details about the project exist at this point, except to say that Legendary Pictures might very well give us some more Godzilla.

Remember the last time they made a Godzilla movie? Matthew Broderick – one of the more excellent miscastings of all time – pranced about New York City as he fecklessly battled the huge beast.

Unless, of course, you count JJ Abrams’ Cloverfield, which was, more or less, a Godzilla remake in different clothing.

It’s been eleven years since the last Godzilla movie, so maybe people will line up to see another. Looks like we’re going to find out.

Source: Embassy Pictures/Getty Images