Students Win Election with Sex

December 16, 2008

A right wing student political party has stormed to victory in Italy after promising to fight for more sex. The Union Universitari party took part in the student elections at the Turin Politecnico Institute in northern Italy. To win votes, the party created a raunchy poster featuring a young couple having sex in their parents’ bed, with the parents sleeping either side.  See the poster after the jump.

The political party created the poster to highlight their policy of more student accommodation. The poster’s tagline says that "some people think that university students don't need their own space, but we don't agree." They believe more student accommodation will result in more sex.

Opposing political parties are calling for the election to be held again, minus the naked posters. Fernando Moretti, a spokesman for Union Universitari, said "The election was won because of the ideas, not because of a hot poster. The far right get a lot of criticism and we wanted to debunk the myth of Nazi right wing losers. As this election shows, uncover us and you can see that our ideas are not so bad."

Uncover indeed.