Jack White and Keith Richards are Working on New Songs

September 2, 2009

Jack White is no stranger when it comes to collaborating with big names like Jimmy Page and The Edge. So it’s not too surprising to hear that the multitasking Detroit musician has been recording with legendary Rolling Stones axeman Keith Richards.

In a new Rolling Stone interview, Richards told the publication that he and White have recently done some work together: "I enjoy working with Jack. We've done a couple of tracks." When RS inquired if White might possibly produce the next Stones record, Richards said, "I couldn't fuel that rumor any more than to say Jack and I are in touch."

It sounds extremely likely that Jack will be working on the next Stones LP and I totally think it’s a great match. White has an incredible way of revamping the texture and sound of legendary acts. He worked wonders with Loretta Lynn and the Rolling Stones should be no different. Does this guy ever sleep BTW?

Source: ROBYN BECK/Getty Images