Modern Warfare 2 Glitch Exploit Gets Xbox Live Users Banned

December 3, 2009

This week, Modern Warfare 2 players became aware of a bug found in all versions of the game which can essentially turn your player into a walking missile strike. When killed, the player explodes, also killing everyone else in close proximity, much to the player's amusement. But what does Infinity Ward think of all this? Well, they are not amused at all.

Today Xbox Live's Director of Policy and Enforcement, Stephen Toulouse, stated that using Modern Warfare 2's "Javelin glitch" is considered cheating, as defined by XBL's terms of service agreement, and the first infraction will get you banned from Xbox Live for 24 hours. Repeated griefing will get you banned for a solid two weeks. 

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling addressed the problem on Twitter yesterday, stating that they are hard at work on a fix and are going to urge both the Xbox and PSN services to push the patch through the certification process as quickly as possible. But really, is this worth banning people for in the meantime?


Source: Joystiq