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Tila Tequila Records Sexy Webcam Video for New Man

by girls   May 04, 2009 at 5:00PM  |  Views: 2,305

Tila Tequila has returned to men and has a new man in her life. She has professed her love with the ultimate public display of affection…by posting a sexy webcam video striptease online.

The reality television star and all-round publicity vulture posted a video on her website with the following text:

Here is a sexy video I made for my baby! HURRY HOME TO MAMA I MISSS YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! Do you guys think this video will work once he see's it??? If I made this for you and I was your girlfriend, would you come over and see me????? haha! GRRRRRRR! I love u baby!

She later revealed on her blog that she is dating Ray J. You may remember Ray J from his starring role in Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. Tila writes:

My baby is Ray J…..and no man has made me feel so loved and so happy in such a long time. We really do love each other and I am so happy to have FINALLY met someone who treats me with respect and love. He is so sweet to me and makes me melt everytime I see him…….I love my baby……so there you have it! Tila Tequila is officially dating Ray J!!!!!! I think we make the cutest couple….dont you????? And this video that I posted earlier tonight was for him so he would hurry up and come over to see his wifey:

This smells like the ultimate publicity stunt, but the video is pretty damn hot.

Source: Tila Tequila


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