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The Robbie E and Robbie T Show

by Robbie E   April 25, 2012 at 3:00AM  |  Views: 5,327

In this week's Bro Blog, I'm getting right down to business, my dudes! Everyone knows about Hulk Hogan's new role in IMPACT WRESTLING. Apparently he is the dude calling the shots and making the rules now because Dixie Carter felt he could change things. I say whatever, it's all good, I'm not gonna let some hamster like Hogan hold me down.

Homeboy created Open Fight Night which debuts this Thursday on Spike at 9/8c and I'm gonna own it and utilize it to my fullest advantage, bro. Me and Bigger Rob every week are gonna be making some noise and showing everyone else on the roster who is boss, bro!!!! No more jokes, no more BS, Robbie E and Robbie T are officially taking over starting this Thursday, man. It has been too long we have been held down and the sky is the limit for us. I'm talking the world title, the tag team titles, all of it. There are a lot of goals we are still going to be accomplishing and it starts this week!
Open Fight Night may as well be called "Robbie E and Robbie T beat peeps up and do what they want," cause that's what's gonna be happening. As I sit here watching "Mr. Deeds" and eating peanut butter ice cream I realize that I really am the man and no longer is anyone gonna take me as a joke.

Sure, me and Bigger Rob like to thread our eyebrows, go clubbing, spray tan and wear matching sweaters, but that doesn't mean we're not manly and can't make a serious mark in this business...BEWARE..!!!!

Until next week...OH...YOU AIN'T ON THE LIST BRO!!!!!!!!!!

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