Never Stop Tailgating with Party-A-Cargo

June 30, 2008


The Party-A-Cargo is basically a ready-made tailgate party that attaches to a trailer hitch.  You don’t even need the tailgate itself.  Inside is a substantial sound system, a full keg w/ tap, and 15 cubic feet of rock n' roll.

The Party-A-Cargo comes in three trims.  If you’re any kind of man you’ll get the “Party-A-Cargo Ultimate.  For a paltry $3,795 you get: Box Installation Kit, Kegerator, Regulator, CD/stereo, 2 - 6″x9″ speakers, 10″ subwoofer, Sirius satellite radio, Built-in battery charger, and a 12-volt power adapter.



The Party-A-Cargo comes in two other marginally less-awesome versions: Standard and Medium which cost one and two thousand fewer dollars respectively.  But you lose the battery charger, subwoofer and satellite radio (which are  unaccpetable losses).