Hank Williams Jr. Sings For McCain/Palin

October 14, 2008

On stage in the middle of a Virginia crowd at the Richmond International Raceway this afternoon, Hank Williams Jr. whipped a conservative crowd into a frenzy by singing a remixed country classic for Governor Sarah Palin.

The song "McCain-Palin tradition" was set to the music of Williams’ country classic "Family Tradition", a song written in response to critics who said he wasn’t living up to the legend of his father, Hank Williams Senior. The original song contains lyrics about drinking and smoking marijuana.

"The left wing liberal media has always been a close knit family. But most of the American people don't believe it anyway, you see. Stop and think it over before you make your decision. If they smell something wrong, they're gonna come down strong,"

Check the video...

Hank Sr. is rolling over in his grave.