Man and His Two Daughters Build a Robot That Fires 1000 Rounds a Minute

September 23, 2011

Robert Beatty is a quiet, unassuming kind of guy. He's got a wife and three daughters, a house, a job, and a hobby that he shares with his nine- and 11-year-old. Namely, building scary robots.

Seriously: this beats any treehouse you and your dad put together. Meet Mechatron, the cuddly family project on four wheels...with a BB gun that fires 1000 rounds a minute.

Mechatron Robot from Robert Beatty on Vimeo.

What's really impressive is that the kids didn't just hold stuff for him while he built the project: they did a lot of the soldering, electrical work, and design.

In other words, Robert Beatty is raising his two daughters to build Terminators, and will probably start training the third once she gets out of diapers.

Well, we guess he'll never have to worry about a date treating her badly. Just...convince them not to install any laser cannons on their creations, Okay, Bob? Please?