Grab Life By the Junk With the Scrappers

by MariShapiro   June 28, 2010 at 4:30PM  |  Views: 858

They're the best pick-up guys in the business. Of the scrap metal business, that is. Starting August 3, a new weekly comedic reality series, Scrappers, will follow three real Brooklyn scrap metal crews.

The three crews - Frankie's Crew, Sal's Crew, and Mimmo and Dino's Crew - scour the streets for everything from old appliances to abandoned cars to turn what others see as junk into cold hard cash.

Make sure to tune-in to Spike for the season premiere August 3 at 10P/9C for two new back-to-back episodes. Until then, get a taste of the crews from their commercials.




See the press release to learn more about Scrappers, Spike's new reality-based series.


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