Sam Worthington Could be Dracula

January 26, 2010

Director Alex Proyas could be directing a new version of Dracula for Universal called Dracula: Year Zero. At this point you might be thinking to yourself, "What an unfortunate title!" However, wait till you hear who they're thinking about casting as Dracula. Yeah, you guessed it.

Sam Worthington is presently the guy being considered to play Vlad the Impaler (who later becomes Count Dracula when he, you know, turns into the head vampire who started them all).

Latino Review has the scoop and dishes all the dirt on this story:

But the craziest one is called Dracula: Year Zero.  Yes I know, un titulo de mierda. This is a period retelling of Dracula.  Like back in Transylvania and s***.  Vampires and Vlad the impaler. know who is supposed to play Dracula? Sam Worthington! That's right, the newly minted "movie star" who everybody paid to see in Avatar.  Except they didn't pay to see him now did they? The movie is budgeted at over $100m.

So does anything about this make you want to see another movie based on Dracula? There have been so many vampire movies of late that this is going to have to really stand out from the rest of the pack -- ahem, Twilight -- to distinguish itself. It is interesting, however, that they're taking a more history-inspired approach to the story. No vampires sparkling in the daylight, no half-vampires taking vials of antidote, none of that nonsense.

Still, it does seem as if this return to the monsters of yore has gotten out of hand. It seems unlikely that The Wolfman is going to do anything other than make people howl that they dropped $10 to see it.

But the elephant in the room is, obviously, the fact that if Sam Worthington gets cast as Vlad the Impaler/Dracula it will be one of the worst cases of miscasting in a long, long time. Guy can jump around as a blue alien and coast Cameron's money waves, but that doesn't mean he can do the same thing when he's put in a less awesome movie with a less awesome director.

Ahem, Terminator Salvation. Here's hoping someone at Universal thinks twice about this choice.

Source: Michael Tran/Getty Images