Extra Point with Bill Bates

by spike.com   July 20, 2009 at 11:47AM  |  Views: 500

It's the final game for 4th and Long and coach Bill Bates will be sharing his thoughts on the show.

We are down to four players whose dreams are still alive. Hopefully, all of the players have learned from being on the show, whether they continue to reach for their dream of playing professional football or not! Michael, Coach Joe, and myself have tried to give these players the best and advice possible. Ultimately, it is up to them.

Everyone must realize that once you have that contract, the Dallas Cowboys do not care where you came from. Once you put on that uniform at the start of training camp, the game is on to find the top 53 players. With only a week left before training begins, I am very excited to see how well our player does.

Also, I hope everyone has enjoyed the show and we would love to do it again next year. We wish all the players that best of luck in where ever life leads them and I hope they reach their own Star...

Go Cowboys!!!


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