Jared Leto Gets Fat

April 2, 2008


Clear signs of actors taking on roles in hopes of Oscar gold:

A.) Lose or gain a lot of weight for a role.
B.) Make yourself really ugly and/or deformed for a role.

In Chapter 27, Jared Leto does both. After taking a long hiatus from movies, Jared returns opposite Lindsay Lohan to play the role of Mark Chapman, the Catcher in the Rye-obessed, loner who killed John Lennon.

Scott Weinberg, reviewing the film for Cinematical, writes:

Jared Leto earned himself a producer's credit on Chapter 27, and it's blatantly obvious from the first few frames of the flick that the young actor really, ahem, beefed up for the role. And Leto wants you to know it, which is why we see Chapman parading around in his tighty-whities for two or three scenes. Jared might as well look directly into the camera lens and scream "Look how much weight I gained for this role!

The movie isn't getting great buzz and Jared is not likely to win an Oscar for his role despite being fat and ugly. There is still one burning question on everyone's mind. Despite the weight gain, was Leto able to get some play from Lohan while on set shooting the film?