Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Predictions

May 1, 2015

You may be aware of this already, but Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are finally going to do the thing this weekend. We sought out opinions from some of the fighters who make Spike's Friday Night Lights Out the top destination on cable for combat sports. Here's what they think is going to go down.
Chris Algieri, faces Amir Khan May 29, PBC on Spike
(as told to The Sweet Science)
Styles make fights and I believe this is a style that suits Floyd. Floyd is the smartest fighter in the game. He will be able to pick up on certain flaws and exploit them. Manny is going to make him work in there and I believe that the first few rounds are going to be very interesting. Manny is a different and smarter fighter than he was before the Marquez knockout. If Manny comes in shape the way that he did against me, and if Floyd has missed a step at all, then I see Pacquiao giving him all kinds of trouble. Ultimately though, I see Mayweather winning a decision."

Will Brooks, Bellator Lightweight Champion
I'm going with Pacquiao. The reason I am going with Pacquiao is because he's a busier fighter and is going to be putting out more punches than Mayweather, he's going to outwork him. Mayweather is a counter boxer and most of the time, they are going to throw one or two punches at a time, and Pacquiao is going to throw a flurry of punches. The judges are going to see that as Pacquiao winning the fight.
Scott Coker, Bellator CEO
Pacman, by decision.

Ivan Farneti, GLORY Director
DRAW, so that they can do it all over again next year and make even more money. 

Kendall Grove, Bellator Middleweight
I want Pacquiao to win, I've always been a fan. I just recently started following Mayweather closely and credit where credit is due, he's the best. In the end, I think "Money" is just too fast and he's going to defeat Pacquiao.

Brandon Halsey, Bellator Middleweight Champion
I remember back when Mayweather shot his mouth off that he could come into MMA and beat up any of the fighters we have over here, and to me that was a total joke. Mayweather isn't a finisher. He kind of defines the bad parts of boxing, being slick, outscoring his opponent without really fighting.
Pacquiao is the kind of fighter that I really admire. He's tough, he's humble, he's the pride of his nation, and he's more than a fighter: he's a leader.
So in this fight I would love to see Pacquiao break Mayweather's face, but I'm worried that Mayweather's game is just too good, he's too slick, he's going to dance and run and just do enough to win the rounds. I agree with Oscar De La Hoya on that. If Mayweather wins it's going to be a boring fight and that's what I worry about.
So I'm going to take Pacquiao because a win by the Pac-Man is the only thing that will make this match worth watching. If I'm wrong and Mayweather wins, the sport of boxing in general loses anyway.
And win or lose I'd love to see Mayweather come over to the MMA world, where I know about 100 guys that will give him a beating that he'll remember for a long, long time.
Amir Khan, faces Chris Algieri May 29, PBC on Spike
(As told to The Sweet Science)
Manny has hand speed and fast feet that will cause Floyd some problems early on, but as it progresses I expect Floyd to make the adjustments he tends to make to counter that before pulling away on the scorecards."

Chi Lewis-Parry, GLORY Heavyweight
Money Mayweather will play with Manny Pacquiao like a domesticated house cat toys with a wounded and overwhelmed barnyard shrew! The fight will go the distance with Floyd getting the win…"

Paulie Malignaggi, faces Danny O'Connor May 29, PBC on Spike
(as told to The Sweet Science)
I am taking Mayweather by wide decision or a late-round stoppage. He has too much variation to his arsenal. Pacquiao is fun to watch, but his one-dimensional approach won't be enough on Saturday night."
Simon Marcus, GLORY Middleweight Title Contender:
My money's on the Money Mayweather! He's one of the greatest and I believe he is just on another level than Pacman.

Liam McGeary, Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion
Going off some of the promo videos I've seen, Manny is looking awesome!! Fast, powerful and crisp, clean shots.  But I still think that Mayweather is going to be boxing very clever with this one, and it'll end with a Mayweather decision.

Danny O'Connor, faces Paulie Malignaggi, May 29, PBC on Spike
(as told to The Sweet Science)
I am going with Mayweather. He is too smart to fall into anyone's game plan, other than his own. I predict a decision based off of his superior boxing ability.

Tito Ortiz, MMA Pioneer and Bellator Light Heavyweight
Floyd has never had an opponent like Manny. It really depends how the fight goes, but if Manny can pressure him and cut the angles, there is always a chance. But I think Mayweather wins by decision.
Mike Richman, Bellator Bantamweight
My mind says Mayweather, my heart says Pacquiao. I think it's going to be a very exciting fight. I feel like Pacquiao is going to bring out the Mayweather of old and force 'Money' to be much more aggressive. I am going to be on the edge of my seat and just enjoy it as a fan. I truly hope there isn't any funny business that we have seen previously in boxing. If Mayweather sits back and doesn't have a high punch count, that could turn into a big factor with the judges.
Joe Schilling, Bellator and GLORY Middleweight
I think if it goes the distance Floyd [Mayweather] wins. I just don't see the Nevada Judges going against Floyd, ever. I also think Manny hits him more than we have ever seen Floyd get hit, but on the flipside of that, Floyd showcases his power for the first time in a long time. I could see Manny getting dropped running into a counter right from Floyd. It's the fight of the century and I just hope it lives up to the hype.
Ken Shamrock, MMA Pioneer and Bellator Heavyweight
In my opinion, I don't think it's a riddle. I think it's just nobody's been able to do it.  And it's called speed, power, footwork, and conditioning.  And I don't think all the fighters that he was able to face and fight… combination they needed to beat him.  I mean he's a smart fighter.  He doesn't expose himself, he keeps himself guarded, he scores points, and he gets through rounds. So he never puts himself in a bad situation where he possibly can get caught with a bad shot.  With that being said, it's a pretty boring fight but he wins fights.
I think Pacquiao has the right combination of being able to make this a great fight because he'll put pressure on.  But he's fast enough to get in and out and get around to the side where he pulls that little shoulder shrug.  Not get in and lean back but Pacquiao's fast enough to be able to get around out of the jab of Mayweather to be able to get around that and land some pretty hard shots.  When he dives into that little shoulder shell and I think Pacquiao has the speed, he has the deception with the feints that he can get Mayweather to have to react to what he's doing.  So it's just a different, different animal for Mayweather.  I think he's looking basically at a mirror image of him except aggressive, except an aggressive fighter but the same kind of speed, same kind of tenacity, ring but in the end, I believe it comes down to this. Pacquiao's been tested, Mayweather hasn't.  Pacquiao's gone through that test.  We'll see how Mayweather does.

Antonio Tarver, Analyst, Premier Boxing Champions on Spike
(As told to CBS Sports)
From my perspective, over the five years, if Floyd Mayweather has truly ducked Manny Pacquiao because he has reservation in his heart and in the back of his mind, that's gonna come out in this fight.
Rico Verhoeven, GLORY Heavyweight Champion:
I think Pacquiao is going start off putting the pressure on Mayweather using those quick combinations that he always does. So I think Pacquiao is going to win the first few rounds; it will take a couple of rounds before Mayweather gets the control and start winning rounds. But it will be soon enough to win the fight. I'm going for Mayweather!
Final Tally
Mayweather: 11
Pacquiao: 5
Draw: 1