Knowing Numbers is So In

September 8, 2008

Nicolas Cage has become the hero of the big-budget-bomb, as this past weekend's box office for Bangkok Dangerous once again confirms. And he's at it again, folks! In his new film, Knowing, the title implies that knowing numbers -- certain numbers only strange little boys know, apparently -- can be a life saver; or, at the very least, a way to creep out your friends and family. But I'm of the opinion that if you spend too much time in a thriller parsing numerical theory the story can get a bit...bogged down. Movies about math work best in dramas where we're dealing with tortured heroes: A Beautiful Mind, Goodwill Hunting, etc. That said, it looks like there will be some pretty cool visual effects in this film, and there might just be enough natural disasters and human calamity to shore this thing up. Check it out after the jump.