New Toy Story 3 Teaser Poster

September 15, 2009

During Disney's D23 Expo a select few were treated to footage from the highly anticipated new movie from Pixar, Toy Story 3. The rest of us? Well, we'll just have to make do with the first teaser poster. Check out the full poster after the jump.

Does this poster get you excited to see another Toy Story movie after the franchise took a ten-year hiatus? Or are you going to need a little more than this to pique your interest?

It's possible this could be the best Pixar film yet, which is saying a lot.


The good people at Latino Review were able to see the exclusive footage:

Andy opens the toy chest after everyone leaves his room. He then starts to put all of the toys into a garbage bag including Jessie, Bullseye, Hamm, Rex, the three eyed martians, etc. I didn't see Bo Peep though or the Etch-A-Sketch. He put everyone inside the garbage bag except for Woody and Buzz. He holds each one in his hand, looking at Woody, then Buzz, then looking at the box marked 'College' before throwing Woody into the box and stuffing Buzz into the garbage with the rest of the toys. So yes fans, Woody is still Andy's favorite.

Sounds like good stuff! The description goes on to say that the toys in the garbage bag actually get thrown out and possibly crushed in a garbage truck. Looks like there's going to be some edge-of-your seat tension in part three. Bring on the trailers!

Source: Pixar/Disney