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Heavy Hitters In Hermosa Beach

by AaronAhmadi   October 02, 2012 at 4:00PM  |  Views: 15,345
Hermosa Beach is known for its golden sand beaches and amazing pier, but this week it was the target city for Ton, Allen, and Carolyn. It was tempting to let go of their goal and just go surfing all day long, but the trio was determined to come out of this place with fistfuls of cash. Let's find out how our heroes did this week, shall we?


With Carolyn on board to lend a hand, Ton and Allen seemed fearless stepping into this storage auction of course – that was until they found out that the number of units already dwindled from 25 to 3. So maybe it wasn't the huge auction they originally signed up for, but after battling a local named Vinny, the Auction Hunters took home two units for $950. Grabbing 2 out of 3 units = domination.


Sold For: $1,000

A Smith & Wesson case is what caught Allen's eye initially to even buy this unit, but unfortunately it ended up holding a revolver cleaning kit, and not a real revolver. Yes, it was a bust…but wait, there's more! Allen and Ton weren't done just yet, and continued to rummage through the unit and eventually scooped up a huge display box containing some oldschool Spalding boxing gloves. The leather was super soft, so they knew these babies were aged and probably worth a ton. Carolyn arranged for the boys to meet with Steve, a former pro boxer who was amazed at these old boxing mitts. The Auction Hunters and Steve then swapped the mitts for $1,000 after a little hard bargaining (and boy was it hard).


Sold For: $2,175

After dragging out a 50s diner booth in their second unit (not your typical living room furniture), Ton stumbled upon a trebuchet. When you're in the auction hunting biz, it's a war out there, so it was very fitting that the boys found a siege war weapon. Okay, maybe it was actually a replica, but that didn't mean it couldn't' fetch some coin according to Allen. This time, things got a little different: Ton and Allen brought Carolyn along to actually help out with negotiating a fair sale price with Dave, a weapon maker who wanted this mega weapon. The fella sure was thrown off when Carolyn started throwing numbers out aggressively (go Carolyn!), and eventually our dream team ended up getting $2,175 in cold hard cash for their find.

There's no doubt it was indeed a small auction, but it was also a big pay day in Hermosa Beach for the Auction Hunters: they bought two storage units for $950, sold the items inside for $5,518, and left the city with a profit of $4,568. If Carolyn was being put to an auction hunting test this episode, she definitely passed with flying colors. A+!

You've probably been always wondering who would win in a boxing match between Ton and Allen. Why ponder any longer? Watch this week's episode, Gold 'N' Gloves, now available online for your viewing pleasure on Spike.com. If you love the show as much as we do, be sure to head on over to the Auction Hunters Facebook Page for all the latest info you've been craving!