Match 2: Shaolin Monk vs William Wallace

December 6, 2010

Shaolin Monk

Emei Piercers.

Twin Hooks & Staff.

Fire & Wind Wheels.

Whip Chain.

William Wallace

War Hammer.


Ball & Chain.

Targe & Dirk.


Emei vs Hammer. Edge = Hammer.

Though the Emei can distract and kill, they're going to have a hard time with Wallace's chainmail. The Hammer will crush the Monk's head when he's up close.

Hooks & Staff vs Claymore. Edge = Claymore.

Both the Hooks and the Claymore are devastating killers, but the chainmail is protecting Wallace, and any slash is going to be rejected. The Claymore will easily slice through the unarmored Monk.

Wheels vs Ball & Chain. Edge = Wheels.

The Fire & Wind Wheels can be thrown accurately with great killing power, where the Ball & Chain isn't thrown very accurately.

Whip Chain vs Targe & Dirk. Edge = Targe & Dirk.

The Targe can defend and offend any enemy, especially if they have a weapon flimsy like the Chain. The Dirk can also stab up close and personal. 


William Wallace is walking through a small thinned out forest, searching for any warriors threatening his army. All of a sudden he sees a Monk on a large boulder, meditating. The Monk opens his eyes, and jumps up, wondering who Wallace is. He pulls up his fire & wind wheels. He threw one, but it just lodged in William's targe.

The Monk threw another wheel, but it also lodged in the targe. Wallace pulled out the wheels, and took his ball & chain off his shoulder. He spun around a few times, and on the last turn, he threw it, but it missed by a few feet. The Monk pulled his whip chain out and started spinning it around, and it landed on his targe, wrapping around the spike.

With the chain tied around his shield, Wallace took out his dirk and stabbed the chain, breaking a part of it off. What was left, the Monk used to whip Wallace away, but killing didn't happen. He dropped his targe, and took out his hammer. With both hammer and dirk, he attacked, and the Monk dropped the whip. He lifted up his staff, but before he could spin it around, Wallace broke it with his hammer.

The Monk lifted up his emei. He started spinning one around, and was able to stab Wallace in his dirk arm. He dropped it, but Wallace took a few swings with his hammer. Each missed, but one time the gi was caught on the spike. The Monk ran back and found his twin hooks.

When Wallace was struck at with one of the hooks, the chainmail repelled it. He used his hammer to hold down the hook, but the other came on his back. But it also bounced off. He took the claymore off his back, and was ready to kill. Both slashed their blades together, but both were even. The Monk linked his two hooks together and spun around, and it slashed at Wallace's face, making a small gash against his cheek.

Wallace threw down his claymore on the hooks when it came around again, and the Monk dropped them. He looked back up when Wallace thrust his claymore into the Monk, and he was impaled by the massive blade. Wallace threw him away, and he slid off, deader then dead.

William Wallace: 603.

War Hammer: 68.

Claymore: 301.

Ball & Chain: 0.

Targe: 144.

Dirk: 90.

Shaolin Monk: 397.

Emei Piercers: 23.

Twin Hooks: 248.

Staff: 22.

Fire & Wind Wheels: 87.

Whip Chain: 17.