What Would a Scandal Be Without a Sex Tape?

December 10, 2009

At first it appeared that the Tiger Woods “cheating on his wife with a collection of possibly diseased mistresses” story had it all. Swedish models, professional athletes, trips to Vegas, $300 million bribes, and the realization that golfers are the true badasses of the infidelity world. But now, the final piece of this sordid puzzle has been uncovered thanks to yet another revelation in Tiger-Gate 2009.

The hard-hitting reporters at Life and Style Magazine are claiming that an audio file of Tiger Woods sleeping with one of the members of his harem was submitted to them nearly two years ago.  “A woman approached me with an audio file supposedly of Tiger Woods having phone sex,” says Ian Halperin – a writer with the publication. “She wanted me to do a story on it. It sounded like him, but I had no proof.”

Besides, who would ever believe that the poster boy for clean living and marital bliss would ever cheat on his wife with a girl who listed her interests as “getting crunk” on an episode of VH1’s Tool Academy?

The reporter goes on to claim that rumors have been flying around that a video of Tiger getting down with one of his top hos exists and claims that it could even end up on a porno site near you.

Source: Ezra Show/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images