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Laura Vandervoort is Having a Bikini Great Time

by ncoles   June 04, 2008 at 10:07PM  |  Views: 3,256


Laura Vandervoort may have a strange sounding name, but there is nothing strange at all about how she looks in a bikini. The 23 year old, Canadian Smallville star has been hard at work on the straight to DVD film The Reef, which is a sequel to chick surf flick Into The Blue. This film looks like one gigantic bikini fest and it’s a shame it won’t be getting a theatrical release. Literally every girl in this movie wears a bikini, in every scene.  Laura has been photographed playing volleyball, in a bikini. There are some shots of her showering in a bikini and when she happens to be on a boat, you guessed it, she’s in a bikini. I hope this film shoots for ever, because this is great for Spike’s Bikini Poll.

Which Bikini Do You Like Better?

Bikini #1


Here Laura is on a boat and she's ready to take off. Technically Laura is wearing more than just a bikini here - but the top is see through - which I like.

Bikini #2


Laura is in Hawaii filming a straight to DVD film and this bikini is very tropical. I can see why the wardrobe people chose it. It looks great!

Bikini #3


Wowzer!!! This one is awesome. I wonder how the writers came up with this one??? Every Laura Vandervoort film should have a shower bikini scene.

It's a hard one this week, but I think you can decide.

Now vote!

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