Television Has a New Wonder Woman

February 17, 2011

Meet Adrianne Palicki, the latest woman to fill the superheroine’s spandex suit and save the world.

Adrianne Palicki, who was last seen on television in the awesome but under appreciated Friday Night Lights, has been cast as Wonder Woman in the new series of the same name from ace TV producer David E. Kelley. Kelley, who is known for creating kooky shows such as Ally McBeal and Boston Legal has inked a deal with NBC to bring the DC Comics character back to television. Wonder Woman was last seen on television in the 1970s.

The new show will be set in present day Los Angeles. Palicki will actually play three roles in the new television show. She’s set to play Wonder Woman, her first alter-ego, billionaire business woman Diana Themyscira, and her assistant, Diana Prince.

Sounds like Adrianne Palicki will have to find her inner Wonder Woman to pull it off.

Photo: Jeff Vespa/WireImage/Getty Images