Chris Brown Enraged By Stores Not Selling His New Album

December 11, 2009

Chris Brown recently hit his Twitter page and exploded on the music industry as well as retailers for the way they’ve handled the release of his new album Graffiti.

Chris is claiming that he’s being blackballed by stores that have decided not to carry or display his new LP. Chris is referring to certain outlets that have been slow to accept his return to the music biz after his violent assault on ex-girlfriend Rihanna earlier this year.

Brown wrote the following on Twitter:

I’m tired of this s***. Major stores are blackballing my cd. Not stockin the shelves and lying to costumers. What the f*** do i gotta do.WTF… yeah i said it and i aint retracting s***. I’m not biting my tongue about s***else… the industry can kiss my ass.

What a lil puss. I will admit that the mainstream music industry usually screws things up on a daily basis, but the fact that they’re not supporting this woman-beater makes me very warm and gooey inside. Good luck trying to save your career now, jackass.

Source: John Parra/Getty Images