Fight Night Live Blog

February 7, 2009

World's Greatest Fight Night 17 live blog. You know you want to read it. It's coming in a few minutes, don't worry. Hit refresh and enjoy the glory that is a free night of fights on SpikeTV, accompanied by a live blog on!

Starting off the live broadcast, Joe Rogan and Goldie seem to be calling for Lauzon to pull off the W in the main event (they're not alone). Only one way ot find out who will have their hand raised at the end if the night, but for now Luigi Fioravanti is about to open the action in a bout against Anthony Johnson for a fight that's likely to be a candidate for fight of the night.

Fioravanti vs. Johnson

Round 1:

Despite what was forecasted by most of the "experts," we're having quite a long feeling out period in the opening bout. Luigi tags hid taller opponents a few times, but nothing to really write home about so far. The Italian has him pinned against the cage then lands a low blow. Might not be the best game plan. Let's see how Johnson responds. Action resumes, and Johnson seems pissed! He smothers Fioravanti and overwhelms the Italian, scores a takedown, gets Luigi's back and throws bombs. He needs only a few more seconds to score the TKO.

In his post-fight interview a very confident Johnson says he could have done much better. Not sure you can do much better than an early first round knockout over Fioravanti, but if this guy is serious we might have just witnessed the coming out party for one of the newest welterweight contenders.

Danzig vs. Neer

Round 1:

Neer opens up with an interesting, wide open stance. He tales a head kick from Danzing. Mac slips and lands on the canvas, Neer lands a nice combo, but Danzig recovers and it turns into the tactical, smart fight we expected from Danzig. vThey tie up and Danzig cuts Neer with a right hook to the eye. Neer, still employing the open stance, gets stunned and falls to the mat. Danzig covers. Neer answers with some sharp jiu jitsu and tries to lock up a triangle choke. Danzige wiggles out but Neer transitions to an armbar. Her almost gets it, but Mac slips. Neer goes for the omaplata, and Danzig slips agian. Danzig recovers to his feet and they close out the round with some good back and forth exchanges.

Round 2:

Neer swarms Danzig and lays some combos, then scores a takedown and fires some ground n pound. He passes with no resistance and looks, casually for a choke. Danzig pulls guard. After a few exchanges, Neer locks up another triangle. It doesn't look like he has it, but he might be able to move to an armbar. After some adjustments, the triangle might be pretty tight, Danzig taps!

Despite his decisive win, Neer elicits some hard feeling from the crowd. In his post-fight with Joe Rogan, Neer reveals that he doesn't care what we think of him and also explains that his cut came from an illegal head butt. Tough break on the no-call, but I'm glad this fight wasn't decided on a technicality.

Denis Stojnic vs. Cain Velasquez

Personally, I'm pumped about this fight. Not many (including me) have given the Eastern European Stojnic much of a chance here, and, admittedly, he has a tough task in Cain Velasquez but I'm excited to see that this UFC newcomer can do here.

Brought to you by Street Fighter 4, everyone's favorite ring anouncer introduces this fight.

Round 1:

Some ugly exchanges open this bout, then Velasquez ties it up and lays a few knees. Stojnic breaks free and eats a kick to the head. Cain goes for a takedown but it's defended. Cain locks up a Muay Thai clinch and fires more knees. Velsquez tags his opponent with a hard right and stuns him. Cain attacks with constant combos, but Stojnic holds firm. The bell rings and Velasquez will see the second round for the first time in his career.

Round 2:

Cain easily won the first round and comes out looking to end it early in the second round. He smothers Stojnic and takes him to the mat, firing constant bombs. He is now in side control and continuing to punish Stojnic. This won't last much long unless he can find an answer. The fight is called. Referee makes the call based on a lack of Stojnic's ability to "intelligently defend himself" Stojnic seems to think the fight is just being stood up and upon the realization the he had just lost, he's obviously unhappy ant the crowd voices its disapproval as well.

Matt Grice vs. Matt Veach

After the quick(ish) ending, there's time for an under card bout. Check out the liveness!

Round 1:

Explosive beginning, and Veach quickly takes Grice to his back. Grice gets back to his feet and Grice nearly locks up an anaconda choke. He gets out. Grice hurts Veach, knocks him over and and swarms with an intense ground 'n pound. Grice holds on, but Veach is not letting up, he keeps the pressure on with punches and various attempts to ens the fight. Grice gets back to the feet. Grice lands a nice combo. Veach finds an opening and drops Grice with a big right. It's all over, but Grice is immediately protesting the call. Rogan thinks it was an early stoppage, but I think it was accurate. He was stunned and not moving, which is enough to lose a fight. Upon the replay, I might change my mind. It was close for sure, Grice was getting pounded but he wasn't out. I'm glad I didn't have to make the call on national television.

Main Event: Lauzon vs. Stephens

Round 1:

Stephens, as expected, throws early bombs. Lauzon ducks and Stephens bulldozes for a takedown. Lauzon is back to the feet and keeping the pressure in the clinch. Lauzon gets a takwdown and nearly locks up a kneebar. Stephens breaks free but Lauson is right nack on him, working his jiu jistsu from the top. Lauzon goes for the full mount and immediately looks for the armbar. He almost has it and there's plenty of time to secure it, but Stephens avoids disaster again. Stephens gains top control and delivers some punishment.  Lauzon remains composed and negates any damage Stephens can do with superior grappling skills. 

Round 2:

Opening with heavy exchanges, Stephens has had enough of the grappling, but Lauzon has other plans. He throws a slick fireman's carry -representing the wrestlers- and lands in side control of Stephens. Lauzon gets the full mount and Stephens quickly gives up his back. Stephens sweeps and lands on top, in Lauzon;s guard! This is still a dangerous spot for Jeremy, he wants to get to the feet. Joe is now cut, but he reverses and regains side control over Stephens, gets the mount and immediately transitions to an armbar. IT;s locked up and there's nothing Jeremy can do but tap, or lose his arm. He taps.

Lauzon;s second main event appearance is considerably more successful than his first, and though it may not have been impactful than a win over Hermes Franca would have been, Lauzon emerges tonight as a legitimate contender for Penn's belt.

Now for a little more bonus action...

Dan Miller vs. Jake Rosholt

Round 1:

A little background on this fight, both are top level wrestlers, but this is Rosholt's UFC debut while Miller is among jiu jitsu's elite.

Round 1:

Not surprisingly, the fight quickly goes to the mat and  Miller immediately shows his supiority in the jiu jitsu game. He locks up a guillotine and forces Rosholt to tap at 1:03

Well, kids, that's it  for me. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it. I'm off the Irish Pub on the first floor of my building --after I watch some dudes die 1,000 different ways! Catch you later.