'Scribblenauts Unmasked' Gives Players The Ultimate Super Powers In DC Universe

September 26, 2013

There has been an ongoing argument amongst comic book fans since the late 1930s: who's better, Batman or Superman? (There's also this variation: who would win in a fight?) Over the years, some stories have tried to answer this question for fans, but there has never really been a definitive way to pit the two heroes against each other. As it turns out, the two main characters in Scribblenauts argue about the same things that us real people do. In Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure, Maxwell and his sister Lily use their super powers to try to solve the argument of Bats versus Supes, and cause a bit of chaos in the DC Universe in the process.

Developer: 5th Cell
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Unmasked is 5th Cell's fourth entry into the Scribblenauts franchise, and it’s the first one to feature a storyline that is tied to another universe, complete with item and character crossovers. All of the Scribblenauts games have been published by Warner Bros. Interactive, who, coincidently enough, happen to be part of the same company as DC Comics. Funny how that works out, huh?

Scribblenauts Unmasked is a crazy crossover where franchise hero, Maxwell, and his sister, Lily, are hurled into the DC Universe. They were mixing their powers of item conjuring and teleportation together during an argument about their favorite comic characters, Batman and Superman. The Scribblenauts characters are soon face to face with their heroes, and have to work alongside them to recover their lost Starites (magical stars that power Lily's teleportation globe) in order to return home. Unfortunately, Maxwell's evil foe, Doppelganger, has teamed up with some of DC's biggest villains, like The Joker and Sinestro, to search out and steal all of the scattered Starites, hoping to harness their power for themselves. Maxwell must use his magic notebook to create items and people in order to help folks in various DC Universe locations, like Gotham, Metropolis, and Oa, solve their problems, and collect Starites to stop Doppelganger.

Given that the gameplay in the Scribblenauts games is so keyboard-centric, Unmasked will only be appearing on platforms that lend themselves to simple on-screen or tactile input, namely the Wii U, 3DS, and PC. The Wii U and 3DS versions each have some unique functionality; off TV play and two-player options on the Wii U, and Streetpass costumes on the 3DS.

The Scribblenauts games have also tested players' creativity, and Unmasked is no different. For the first time you can pull in over 2000 licensed characters and items from the DC Universe, ranging from heroes to costumes, to help Maxwell solve puzzles. While that might not sound impressive when compared to the almost infinite amount of options that Maxwell has normally, but there's something supremely awesome about calling in all of the Justice League or the Green Lantern Corps to help someone fend off a bad guy. At the same time, the introduction of the new storyline that is woven throughout all of the DC Universe makes the game feel special, whether you're a fan of the well-known heroes, or obscure villains. The options are limitless, and with 15 different Supermen (from Kingdom Come to Red Son) and 34 various Batmen (Seventies to Year One), you still might have trouble figuring out who's the top hero.