The Hardcore Legend

by Robbie E   August 15, 2013 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 2,271

What's up, BroMan wannabes?

With Hardcore Justice upon us, everyone is asking "What will Robbie E do to showcase how hardcore he is?" It's no secret I am the most hardcore bro in IMPACT WRESTLING and on all of Spike TV, bro. Think about it. Here are the reasons I am so hardcore. Oh!

5 - Eyebrow Threading - Do you know how much it hurts to get this done, bro? Seriously, waxing is one thing, plucking is another, but bro. Threading kills. Especially the bottoms. And my hair is lustrous and thick all over, so the cuties at the salons got their work cut out for them, bro. I'd rather go through a table, but you gotta sacrifice to look this good.

4 - Shaving my body - I shave my whole body. All of my body. Every part of my body, even the... Well, you know, bro. That's a big risk. If I slip, God knows what can happen. That's a bigger risk than climbing up some dumb ladder. That's hardcore bro!

3 - Plyometrics – As everyone knows, I'm such an amazing athlete. Clearly that is seen in all of my IMPACT WRESTLING matches. I run fast, jump high, and do insane things like box jumps on top of refrigerators and other really high stuff. This is a huge risk. If I slip, I rip my shins open, bro. That's hardcore.

2 - Kickball - Nobody plays kickball like me, bro. I kick the ball the farthest in the whole city, bro. And I always am able to run fast and tag people out. And if I don't like a decision, I will argue, bro. That. Is. Hardcore.

1 - Hardcore Justice 2012 - Last year in a tables match I took it to three former World Champions: Jeff Hardy, Bully Ray and James Storm. Okay, fine. I didn't win the match. but I was surely MVP of the match, and 100% proved that Robbie E could go bro. Until next time, OH! This was my blog, bro.

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