Deadliest Warrior Tournament: Round 4 Loser's Bracket

September 15, 2009

DW- Round 4: Loser's Bracket

This is pretty much a semi-final round as the Gurkha and Rough Riders fight to see who wins the Modern Division of the Loser's Bracket while the Jaguar and Mongol Warrior battle for the right to face the Samurai in the finals of the Ancient Division.

U.S. Rough Riders vs. British Royal Gurkha
This is a real time machine battle as two groups of soldiers separated by 100 years of history and technology face off.

The 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry, better known as the "Rough Riders", were formed by Theodore Roosevelt just prior to the Spanish-American war. Despite being in existence for only 133 days they won a place in American history by fighting bravely and charging into battle against the Spanish Army that occupied Cuba.

The British Gurkha Rifles are one of the finest infantry units in the world. Renown for their fighting skill and bravery in battle, these versatile soldiers take the fight directly to the enemy.

Tactics & Terrain vs. Tactics & Terrain: The Rough Riders were very aggressive troops who used basic fire-team tactics, but took a lot of casualties. The Gurkhas have perfected much more advanced assault tactics than they had in 1895. Edge: Gurkha

Close Combat
Colt Peacemaker 1873 vs. Kukri & L9A1 Pistol
The Peacemaker is an iconic pistol that fires a heavier caliber bullet, but the semi-automatic L9A1 wins for rate of fire and ammo capacity. The Kukri is icing on the cake. Edge: Gurkha

Winchester M1895 Carbine vs. L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle
The lever-action M1895 Carbine seems woefully dated compared to the semi-automatic SLR with its 30 round magazine and superior 7.62mm bullet. Edge: Gurkha

Long Range
Krag-Jorgenson Rifle vs. L42A1 Rifle
In this battle of bolt-action rifles the L42A1 has the larger magazine but the Krag has a longer effective range. Edge: R. Riders

Model 1895 Gatling Gun vs. L7A1 GPMG
On paper the Gatling gun could fire nearly as fast and as far as the GPMG. However, the more portable and modern GPMG gets the edge for its belt fed, gas operated, firing system. Edge: Gurkha.

This battle should pretty much be a romp for the Gurkha who have huge advantages in both weapons and tactics. Both units have excellent fighting spirit but that only goes so far when you are out gunned like the Rough Riders are in this fight.

(Kill Estimates)
Kills    R.Riders Gurkha
Close       40      80   
100     200
Long       120     100
Special    140     220       
Total      400     600

WINNER: British Gurkha Rifles


Aztec Jaguar vs. Mongol Warrior
Both the Aztecs and Mongols built empires through conquest and dominated their neighbors with fear and intimidation.

Jaguar warriors were elite soldiers in the Aztec army that came from the nobility of Aztec society and dressed themselves head to toe in the skins of a jaguar. Often called the knights of the Aztec army, these warriors wielded some of the most vicious weapons in the Aztec arsenal and came to battle wearing quilted cotton armor that was light but effective.


Mongol Warriors were fierce nomads from the steppes of Asia who forged one of the largest empires in history by crushing enemy after enemy and spreading terror from the sea of Japan all the way to the heart of Europe.

Chimalli & Ichcahuipilli vs. Leather, Iron & Silk
The Jaguar had a small shield and quilted cotton armor that were resistant to blades and darts. The Mongols had a multi-layer defense capable of stopping arrows, swords and knives. Edge: Mongol

Close Combat
Quauhololli vs. Scimitar
The Quauhololli is a nasty club but it isn't suited to attacking a mounted Mongol swinging a 4 foot Scimitar. Edge: Mongol

Tepoztopilli vs. Mongol Lance
The Tepoztopilli was the main Aztec defense against charging Spanish cavalry, unfortunately it didn't fair well against them and likely wouldn't do much better against the Mongol Lance. Edge: Mongol

Long Range
Atlatl vs. Recurve Bow
The Atlatl has good penetrating power but it doesn't have the range or rate of fire to contend with the Mongol Bow. Edge: Mongol

Macuahuiltl vs. Horse & Lasso
In one famous account a Spanish Conquistador claimed that his horse had its head severed in one vicious stroke by an Aztec Warrior armed with a Macuahuitl. No lasso can compare to that. Edge: Jaguar

I think this is a bad match up for the Jaguar as history is not on their side when it comes to facing horse-mounted enemies. A Mongol may prove to be an easier kill than a Conquistador for the Jaguar, but they are no less deadly and also have the technological advantage of metal armor and weapons.

(Kill Estimates)
Kills     Pirate  Mongol
Close       40     120   
120     200
Long       160     250
Special    100      10       
Total      420     580

WINNER: Mongol

WINNERS: British Gurkha Rifles & Mongol Warrior.