Mantenna - Wednesday, September 2

September 2, 2009

Sean Lennon recreates his parents' famous nude photo, DJ AM's private memorial now has a date, and Martin Scorsese directs a show for HBO...It's a bird, it's a plane, it's the Mantenna!

Source: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Sean Lennon Recreates Parent’s Famous Photo

Sean Lennon, the son of slain Beatle John Lennon and Yoko Ono, has recreated the famous Rolling Stone cover of his parents taken by Annie Leibovitz. The photo is a reverse of the original as it shows Sean clothed on a bed with his naked model girlfriend, Kemp Muhl, hugging him. The photo appears in the fall issue of Purple magazine and was taken by Terry Richardson. Warning: it’s NSFW. [Huffington Post]

Punky Brewster Returns

Soleil Moon Frye, a.k.a. Punky Brewster, reached one million followers on Twitter and decided to celebrate. What did she do? The 33-year-old dressed up as her most famous character and posted a video of the occasion online. The outfit was complete with pigtails, different colored shoes, jeans, and plenty of fluorescent colors. A "Bring Back Punky" movement has already begun. [The Frisky]

Martin Scorsese Directs a Show for HBO

Legendary director Martin Scorsese is taking his first shot at TV. His show Boardwalk Empire has been picked up for eleven episodes, and Scorsese will direct the pilot. On top of that, Steve Buscemi will star. Sounds like a pretty great line-up. Michael Kenneth Williams, Michael Shannon, and Dabney Coleman are also going to star, and Terence Winter – an executive producer from The Sopranos – is working on the series as well. The show takes place in Atlantic City in the 1920s, and Buscemi plays Nucky Johnson, a guy who’s turned to delivering and selling alcohol during the prohibition. [/Film]

Stephen Frears Signs Onto Tamara Drewe

Stephen Frears, the English director who’s done films such as High Fidelity and My Beautiful Laundrette, has his next film lined up: an adaptation of the graphic novel Tamara Drewe. Playing Ms. Drewe will be Gemma Arterton, one of the Bond girls (Strawberry Fields) from Quantum of Solace. After having plastic surgery, Tamara goes back to her hometown in Britain and messes with the minds of all the men in town. This sounds a little bit like Straw Dogs, except that the lead female character is the one wreaking all the destruction. The film will begin production in England on September 21st. [First Showing]

DJ AM Private Memorial Slated For Thursday


Source: Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

A private memorial for Adam Goldstein, better known as DJ AM, is scheduled for this Thursday night at 7pm in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Palladium, the same venue Goldstein played with Jay-Z in October after surviving a near-fatal plane crash. According to an MTV report, an invitation describes the event as "a gathering to celebrate the life of our friend Adam Goldstein." The memorial will pay tribute to Goldstein's struggle with addiction, with a format of an open 12-step meeting. [MTV]

Video Game Violence Makes Advertising More Effective

A new study has found a correlation between in-game violence and a player's ability to recall advertisements seen while playing. The test subjects were given two versions of a driving game containing "unobtrusive" billboard ads, and their eye movements were recorded by a camera. One version had players hitting targets for points, and the other version had them running down pedestrians. The researchers found ads displayed along with violent scenes to be more memorable to players than those shown with non-violent content, even though players spent less time looking at them. The results are contrary to expectations stemming from research on television, where violence has been shown to decrease attention to advertisements. [Technology Review]

New Jasper Chipset to End Red Ring of Death Xbox 360 Failures?

About a week ago, we reported findings which indicated that a staggering 54% of all Xbox 360s sold worldwide had failed to date. Now, SquareTrade, which claims to be the largest independent warranty provider in the world, has presented data (based on a 16,000 new consoles evaluated by the company) indicating that the Red Ring of Death issue is finally on the decline, thanks to the introduction of the Jasper chipset in early 2009 - more than four years after the console was introduced to market. Better late than never? [Industry Gamers]

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