Lindsay Lohan is Going to Trial

March 23, 2011
Lindsay Lohan has rejected a last minute plea bargain and instructed her lawyers to go to trial. Get set for the celebrity trial of the year.

The troubled actress, who has been charged with stealing a necklace worth $2,500, is so sure of her innocence that she met with her lawyer Shawn Holley today and outlined her position to go to court and risk major jail time.

By going to trial, Lohan could receive stints in both jail and prison. The first thing Judge Stephanie Sautner will decide when the trial starts is whether Lohan violated her existing probation, which originally stems from a 2007 DUI. If Judge Sautner believes Lohan did breach her probation she would immediately be jailed.

Any plea deal made to Lohan would have included jail time, but nothing like the sentence Lohan would receive if found guilty in court. It would also have resulted in her probation being extended by three years, however she would not technically have violated her probation. Lohan is taking a major risk here and that should be commended. Here’s hoping, for her sake, that the risk pays off.

Lohan is next due in court April 22 when the focus will be on what she wears rather than her guilt or innocence.

Photo: James Devaney/WireImage/Getty Images