Bruce Lee Lives...Online

January 12, 2010

After putting together one of the most influential careers in the history of martial arts, Bruce Lee met an untimely demise at the young age of 32. Few people live such a short life and make such a huge impact, and now his daughter has guaranteed that his legacy will live on forever.

Thanks to a new website run by Shannon Lee, fans of the famous fighter have the opportunity to gain a greater perspective on his life’s work and get an inside look at the life of Bruce Lee. “We always wanted to create a site that celebrated his life,” says his daughter. “We wanted to create awareness for everything he did and what he stood for.”

Thanks to a tireless effort by his family to compile invaluable stories and information, visitors have the ability to access a plethora of Bruce Lee related material from anywhere around the world. “The real goal is to just spread the word to all the people who appreciated what he did,” says Lee. offers biographical information, life timelines, photos, videos, behind-the-scenes clips, and virtually anything else any martial arts aficionados could want.

“There was such a high demand of people who wanted to know more about him,” says Lee. “And it’s not just people from his generation. There are so many younger people looking to get information about his life. We hear from people everyday looking to learn about him.”

The main goal of the site, though, is something that her father spent his life trying to do. “He always wanted to inspire people,” she says. “And I think a web site like this can help do just that for the people who visit it.”

Source: Hulton Archives/Getty Images