ESPN Analyst Reveals Which Animal's Fecal Matter Canadians Use as Facial Cream

February 16, 2010

In what has instantly become the single greatest morning talk show interview not involving Regis Philbin or a Norwegian prostitute, ESPN’s resident hockey analyst and Mullet Hall-Of-Fame inductee Barry Melrose let loose during a live program that critics are calling “insanely hilarious.”

This morning, while filming a segment about the Olympics on ESPN’s First Take, Melrose insulted the show’s host, Jay Crawford, by pointing out what a wrinkly mess his face is. (Classic Melrose move.)

Crawford responded by calling Melrose “middle-aged” and went on to insult the hockey guru's grey hair - but noted that he has excellent skin. (Yes, this is what ESPN passes as sports programming.) Naturally, Crawford wanted to know how exactly the former Los Angeles Kings' bench boss avoided wrinkles.

Melrose, without hesitation or regard for F.C.C regulations responded by saying “Chicken shit. That’s what Canadians use.”

After once again pointing out the rapid aging of an obviously offended Crawford, Melrose explained that simply spreading poultry fecal matter on your face while watching a hockey game is a great way to stay young in the Great White North.

Basically, Barry Melrose is awesome. Enjoy the clip


Source: ESPN2