Green berets vs. IRA

October 14, 2010

Beginning assessment: Green berets the elite united states special forces ready for anything vs. the IRA the provisional terrorists who fought the british government for over a century WHO IS DEADLIEST

Green berets: E-tool,Mossber 590,M4a1 carbine, Beretta m9, M24 ,M67

IRA: Slingshot, Lpo50, AR15, Webley, G3, Nail bomb

I will not fully analyze the weapons enough that my point is clear if your curious watch green berets vs. speznas or IRA vs. speznas

E tool vs. Slingshot: The E-tool is very lethal with the proper training (Which the green berets have) the slingshot is good for preparing a kill but isn't fully lethal on its self for that reason the E-tool gets the edge.

Mossberg 590 vs. Lpo50: The mossberg 590 is a pump action shotgun with a range of 130 feet about which isn't much compared to the lpo50's 200 feet. Aside from this the Lpo50 is more intimidating psycholigically plus the mossberg doesn't the capabilty of supressing it therefore the Lpo50 gets the edge.

M4a1 vs. Ar15: This is an obvious edge there both similar being m16 variations they have equal accuracy but the ar15 is pretty much just a civilian model (or downed model) of the m16 while the m4a1 is an enhancement. The ar15 is semi auto m4a1 is full auto m4a1 definetly gets the edge.

Webley vs. beretta: Though the beretta is more accurate and holds more ammo it is 9 mm. Therefore the webley is deadlier also accuracy isn't a big faster when your comparing pistols.

m24 vs. G3: The g3 is actually an assault rife it has 400 meters range (with a sniper scope which is how the IRA uses it) The m24 has 800 meters this being said the m24 also exceeds it in fire power and accucracy so the m24 has an obvious edge.

Nail bomb vs. M67 grenade: I cannot analyze the Nail bomb due to its primitive nature. However being a semtex explosive it has a very large blast radius though the m67 does too. However because the nail bomb is remote controlled therefore more capable of tactical use it gets the edge.

The battle isn't a story I was in a rush my writing skills aren't represented by the following.

Battle: 5 Green berets cautiously walk down a deserted parking lot. Scanning each car carefully. Mean while 5 IRA rebels look down the parking lot and spot them. They split up 2 go left to go right and one stays to snipe: The green berets keep moving forward when a gun shot is heard and kills one of the green berets. GB=4 IRA=5

The green berets run to cover staying in a group. They see two IRA members preparing the lpo50 behind a car they run to a nearby bus. One GB grabs a grenade and throws it at the IRA members killing both. IRA=3 GB-4

Meanwhile the IRA sniper is struggling to get a clear shot. He sees his other two allies preparing to take out the green berets. When he sees the green berets moving to more secure cover. He gets a clear shot and hits a green beret in the leg. The others run to the car. They mount the m24 and spot the sniper and immediately take him. The other IRA rebels see the injured beret and shoot him unfortunately giving away their position. IRA=2 GB=3

Both sides are running low on assault rifle ammo. The IRA members plant a nail bomb and hide. The green berets send a scout with a beretta. The bomb is detonated and kills the scout. The others bolt and a fire fight breaks out. A IRA member gets taken down by the mossberg. IRA=1 GB=2

The last IRA member hides while a GB takes the mossberg and searches while other member sets up a sniper. He moves forward. Meanwhile the IRA member realizes he's out of ammo. The green beret feels his away make contact with a slingshot steel ball. He screams and drops the shotgun due to the shock and sees himself being charged from his other eye. He is punched to the ground he rolls to the side. He grabs his Etool and decapitates his enemy. Green berets win.

I know the battle sucked I was in a rush.

Green berets: 660

IRA: 340

E-tool: 20

Beretta: 41

Mossberg 590:110

M4a1: 231


M67: 149



Lpo50: 50

AR15: 110

Nail bomb: 57

G3: 40

Least effective: The slingshot did horribly for the IRA scoring three kills

Most effective: The m4a1 sent them back to Ireland with 231 kills

Ending assessment: Despite the IRA's unconventional weapons and tactics they couldn't hold the elite united states special forces the green berets had better weapons and better training that's why they won.