The Reasons Are Obvious

by Robbie E   May 02, 2012 at 6:30PM  |  Views: 6,218

What up, my dudes? Just got out of a spray tan and feeling nice, bro. Now onto business that myself and Robbie T have put off for a few weeks that we are missing our Television Title. Well, no more. This officially begins our quest to get the championship belt back where it belongs: around this waist, even though it covers up the abs a little, bro. Worth it.

You don't agree that it belongs here? This week's LIST is explaining to you why I'm the perfect IMPACT WRESTLING TV champ!

4. My Look - Look at me! I'm hot, I'm beautiful, bro. That title needs someone to represent that is a TV star. I'm a perfect fit, my dude. Not Devon!

3. My Reign - My title reign was like no other. I didn't declare myself the greatest IMPACT WRESTLING TV champ of all time for nothing, bro. I retained my title against RVD, Devon, AJ Styles, Eric Young and so many more, man. Beat that LIST!

2. My Speaking Skills - People love to listen to me talk. Just like they love to read my weekly Bro Blog on the Spike TV website and hear what THE LIST is each week on Xplosion. The TV champion should be someone that can talk well on TV. Devon? Are you kidding me? Tesify this, bro.

1. Bigger Rob - The fact that I need a personal bouncer to keep crazy fans from getting to me 24/7 shows how big of a TV star I am. Does Devon need personal security?

That title will be mine again sooner than later! I promise!

Until next week... OH… YOU AIN'T ON THE LIST BRO!

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