Mantenna - Friday, September 11

September 11, 2009

The stars of The Vampire Diaries get arrested for flashing, Nirvana members are pissed about Guitar Hero 5, and The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever is headed to theaters...the Mantenna has spoken!

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Stars of The Vampire Diaries Arrested For Flashing

It seems the kids can’t get enough of vampires. The new television show The Vampire Diaries debuted last night on the CW and was the biggest launch of a television show in the history of the network. Now it’s been revealed that four of the female stars of the show were arrested August 22nd for flashing their breasts. Nina Dobrev, Candice Accola, Kayla Ewell, and Sara Canning ended up in jail after taking part in a topless promotional photo shoot for the show on a bridge in Georgia. A passing motorist complained and the girls and photographer were arrested. [Radar]

Giant Boobs on Billboard Causes Controversy

Giant billboards in Slovenia of a woman’s naked, soapy, pert breasts are receiving a lot of attention. The billboards are part of an advertising campaign for the 28th Biennial of Graphic Arts in Ljubljana, the nation’s capital. According to their website the art exhibition is a "multifaceted event with a long tradition; it consists of a number of exhibitions as well as other happenings." They forgot the part about how sex sells. [Metro]

The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever

Actor Jason Segel is the scribe behind the next Muppets movie, which is to be titled The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever. Muppet legend Jim Henson came up with the first idea for the film, which entails Gonzo spending most of the money in the budget on a spending spree, leaving the Muppets to shoot their entire film on a backlot. This might not be the same story as the one Segel came up with, which involves a mean-spirited oil tycoon trying to exploit the Muppet Theater after discovering an oil well beneath it. One way or another, with Segel running things the film is in good hands. [/Film]

Ewan McGregor and Eva Green to Star in Last Word

Eva Green, the French knockout who had her international debut in Casino Royale, is set to star in Last Word with Ewan McGregor, along with McGregor’s co-star from Trainspotting, Ewen Bremmer. Stephen Dillane, the guy who played Thomas Jefferson in HBO’s miniseries John Adams, also co-stars. The general idea of the film involves the apocalypse: the world is crumbling around Green and McGregor’s heads as they fall in love. It sounds a little bit like what would happen if you put Nora Ephron and Roland Emmerich in the same room for five hours and made them come up with a movie. Hey, if nothing else, Eva Green sure is easy on the eyes. [First Showing]

Nirvana Members Are Pissed About Guitar Hero 5


Source: Paul Bergen/Getty Images

Kurt Cobain's appearance in Guitar Hero 5 is not making the surviving members of Nirvana too happy. Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl said in a joint statement that they were "dismayed and very disappointed" that an avatar of Kurt Cobain could be used to play songs by other artists. "While we were aware of Kurt's image being used with two Nirvana songs, we didn't know players have the ability to unlock the character," they said. "This feature allows the character to be used with any kind of song the player wants. We urge Activision to do the right thing in 're-locking' Kurt's character so that this won't continue in the future." Burn. [NY Mag]

T-Mobile to Step Up 3G Data Speeds to over 20mbps in 2010

AT&T just announced they're starting a national 7.2Mbps 3G rollout, and T-Mobile now says they're about to do the same. But what comes next? For most, it's 4G wireless data. For T-Mobile, it's steroid-pumped 3G, to the tune of 21Mbps. AT&T and others are kicking 3G to the curb after it hits the 7.2Mbps barrier, and moving over to zany 4G technologies. T-Mobile, though, says they're sticking with 3G HSPA for the foreseeable future, and that the network will carry near-4G speeds in 2010. Either way, it sounds like a win for us. [Electronista]

British Prime Minister Apologizes to Computer Science Pioneer for Castration

Alan Turing, a father of computer science and WWII code-breaker, confessed to having sex with a man and was later prosecuted by the British government for being gay. His sentence? He was given experimental chemical castration as a treatment for his "illness" and then later committed suicide in 1954. Today, Gordon Brown formally apologized for the "treatment" stating "While Mr Turing was dealt with under the law of the time and we can't put the clock back, his treatment was of course utterly unfair and I am pleased to have the chance to say how deeply sorry I and we all are for what happened to him." Better late than never. [BBC]

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