John Dillinger Gang vs. ww2 Red army

December 29, 2010

Beginning assessment: The john dillinger gang, ruthless bankrobber that dodged the FBI for over a year and sent depressionary america into a state of fear vs. The Red army ruthless soldiers who would stop at nothing to prevent the axis allies plans from succeeding, who is deadliest

John Dillinger Gang:     John Dillinger pictured left.

Height: 5 feet and 8 1/2 inches, Weight: 160 pounds, Crimes: Murder, assault and  armed robbery, reign of terror: 1933-1934. John Dillinger is one of the most well renowned criminals in the world. As much of a bad person he was I've gotta give him credit for being a badass. He was sent to prison twice and escaped. Once after a press conference after being captured he smuggled a piece of wood into jail. Ya ok what's so bad about that? He carved it into a handgun. Then when he was let out to have his cell cleaned he pressed it up against the janitors back. He then forced all of the officals into a jail cell. As he walked out he smiled and gave them a good look at his pistol that was made out of wood. Pretty BA right! This wasn't his only close call he escaped from the FBI quite a few times in fact while doing so he became a hero among some (obviously banks weren't popular in the depression).


Close Range: Stiletto Knife

Mid range: Colt .38 special

Long Range: Tommy gun

Special (or in this case a second mid range weapon)

WW2 Red army: Soviet captain pictured left.

The WW2 red army. They fought for good undeniably fighting against hitler and helping to end the war in europe but toda their associated with evil. Mostly because of the cold war and for another more credible reason. They were led by Joseph Stalin debatebly one of the most evil men ever. He killed more people than adolt hiter however that was debatebly because his time in office was greater than Hitler's. He once famously said "a single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic".  Just to show the mind set some red army soldiers might have.


Close Range: NR-40

Mid range: Tokarev TT-33

Long Range: PPSH-41

Special (Or second mid range): ROKS flamethrower

Stiletto knife: A famous weapon for depressionary gangsters and bank robbers. It also saw action with marines in ww2.

NR-40: This weapon was a famous combat knife used by the soviets in ww2. 

Edge: I couldn't give much detail so I showed pictures. You can see a difference between the 2. So which one gets the edge? The stiletto is longer therefore better at stabbing but the NR-40 has more width so it's better blocking. However you can tell from the NR-40's design it's a good slashing weapon. I'm going to call this a draw.

Colt .38 special: This is alot of the reason I was excited to include john dillinger. John Dillinger had a colt chambered in .38 caliber. However it was very different other handguns, he had his modified to become fully automatic. He also used an extended clip and a grip. It could fire roughly inbetween 700 and 1200 shots a minute. Ya intense right?

Tokarev TT-33: A famous red army pistol. It fired up to 50 meters, firing 7.62x25 mm rounds holding 8 shots in a clip. It operates using a short recoil dropping barrel system which is how the m1911 (which is what the pistol it is facing of it's against is a variant off) utilizes as well. We've seen it's a good pistol on Nazi waffen ss vs. vietcong as well.

Edge: Two very interesting guns indeed. You have the tokarev which is still used today. North Korea uses a heavily modified version known as the type 64. However John Dillinger has a gun that shoots faster and holds more ammo. The tokarev is probably more reliable because it's not fully automatic and more accurate. However I've gotta give the edge to the colt because it's fully automatic and holds more ammo. Usually at mid range you don't need pinpoint accuracy especially when your mag holds 25 shots and your fully automatic. John Dillinger's Colt .38 special takes the edge in mid range weapons.
Tommy gun: chicago typewriter, chicago piano, trench sweeper or trench broom take your pick it's been called all those. I would have to call this the most famous gangster gun in the world. It fires up to 1200 shots a minute and fires .45 rounds and is capable of holding 100 shots. Like the stiletto and the colt (well sort of) it was used by the marines in ww2. It sprays bullets with extremely high caliber and fires up to 50 meters.
  • PPSH-41: The world famous red army weapon. Like the tokarev it's still used today. It fires the same ammo as the tokarev 7.62x25 rounds. It only fires up to 900 rounds a minute however it has one major advantage against the thompson. I've seen multiple sites talk about it's range. Wikepedia list's 30 for effective which seemed low so I checked. According to the soviet ww2 weapon database it's 200 meters. Others say between 70 and 120. It's obvious anyways the PPSH-41 has much greater range. See it pictured below note the barrel improves it's durability.
  • Edge: I like the thompson alot I'll admit partially because it's american and it's just awesome with how it sprays bullets. However these are long range weapons and it's obvious the PPSH-41 has much greater range. Although the thompson can hold more ammo shoots faster and has a larger caliber. If these were mid range weapons the thompson would win but as long range weapons the PPSH-41 wins. The Red army takes the edge for their more accurate and greater range capability with the PPSH-41.
    Model 1887 shotgun: This shotgun was actually popular with criminals. It was small and packed a punch. It fires 12 gauge rounds or 10 gauge holds 5 shots with a tubular magazine and is a repeating lever action (AKA it shoots about as fast as the winchester we saw Jesse james use). A usual shot from it fires up to around 45 meters but with a lucky shot 90 meters.  It'll out shoot the ROKS flamethrower easily. You'll notice it has a long barrel length.
    See what I mean?
    ROK flamethrower: An interesting flamethrower. It weighs 50 pounnds (presuming unloaded) and has an effective range of 25 meters. I suppose that's decent for a flamethrower but I think it'll give them trouble the soviets trouble against a shotgun like the winchester 1887 that'll kill from a distance. You'll notice it's shaped like a mosin-nagant rifle. This was due to the soviets not wanting snipers to specifically target soldiers wielding flamethrowers.
    Edge: This is an interesting match up. A shotgun against a flamethrower. However this one is different. Yes the flamethrower does have a psycholigcal advantage but the shotgun has much greater range and accuracy. Plus it's a shotgun so a single shot will cause alot of trauma which I suppose could be a psycholigical advantage. The model 1887 is also lighter and can be reloaded much quicker. The Model 1887 gets the edge for weight, accuracy and range.
    I'm not gonna try to make a high quality battle as usual.
    Somewhere in Indiana 5 red army soldiers enter a city. They look around and see the streets abandoned. They walk when they hear noise coming from a bank. They walk towards and see five men. John Dillinger and his gang are those men. They turn around and see the red army members walking towards them. They see their weapons and raise theirs. They spray at the red army soldiers who run to cover behind cars. Two of the soldiers don't make it and are each shot over 20 times. Red army=3 John Dillinger gang=5
    The red army members all run to a mutal car. The john dillinger gang members run out into the street and spray at the car. One red army member fires at one of John Dillingers charging men and kills him. The other members of the dillinger gang run to a car about 20 feet away. One of the red army members grabs his flamethrower and sprays at the car and it's engulfed in flames. 2 of John Dillingers men are immediately burned alive. Red army=3 John Dillinger=2
    John Dillinger runs toward the car. The red army soldier with the flamethrower goes to fire but realizes he used his ammo. John Dillinger raises his colt .38 and fires into the flametrhower repetitively. Red army=2 John Dillinger=2
    The red army members run in the opposite direction. They get about 20 feet away when one of John Dillinger's gang members raises his winchester and hits one of the red army soldiers in the back. The remaining red army soldier dives to cover behind a car. John tells his ally to go ahead and his ally runs at the car. Dillinger runs back into the bank (already killing everyone in it) determined to get his money. Meanwhile outside his ally runs to the back side of the car and pauses not seeing anyone. From inside the car a red army soldiers shoots him in the chest with a tokarev repetitively. John hears the gunshots and turns around. His colt is out of ammo and he sees the red army soldier in the car desperately searching for another mag. He pulls out a stiletto and charges. The red army soldiers charges as well with his NR-40. Dillinger goes to stab the red army soldier but the red army soldier blocks and kicks Dillinger back. Dillinger rolls to the side but the red army soldier lunges. Before Dillinger can react the red army soldier stabs him in the neck. Red army=1 John Dillinger=0
    Winner: Red army, Wins: 541
    NR-40: 7
    Tokarev TT-33: 97
    PPSH-41: 333
    ROK: 94
    John Dillinger: 459
    Stiletto: 13
    Colt .38 special: 113
    Thompson: 186
    Model 1887: 147
    Ending Assessment: The deciding factor for this fight were both warriors sub machine guns. The soviets PPSH-41's amazing range beat out the thompson. Although once the soviets were in range of the thompson they were in trouble. The soviets could kill at much great distances with their PPSH-41 which made the difference. Although the Dillinger gang had better weapons in pretty much everything else which made this close. The red armies PPSH-41 won them the match.