Cracked RC Car Saves Troops from Being Blown Up

August 8, 2011

RC cars might just seem like toys for hyperactive children or very, very lonely men but in an area of heavy combat, the things can save your life.

For instance, a hacked model sent to a soldier in Afghanistan defused a highly concentrated area of roadside bombs and helped keep an entire squadron out of harm's way.

Ernie Fessenden has a brother serving overseas and he built a hacked RC car that could not only help him pass the time during his long tour of duty but could also help serve his unit. He designed the hacked truck as a pseudo bomb-defuser by painting the toy truck in a camouflage coating of sand-colored paint and mounting a large camera on the hood that linked to an LCD screen. Ernie's brother, Sgt. Chris Fessenden, used the vehicle out in the field and the car actually tripped an improvised explosive device that detonated nearly 500 pounds of explosives and spared the lives of his brother and four other soldiers.

Photo: Howard Shooter/Dorling Kindersley RF/Getty Images