Mantenna - Wednesday, April 7

April 7, 2010

Jessica Simpson goes au naturel, The Dalai Lama gets hacked, and 3D television hits primetime...the Mantenna knows no bounds!

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Jessica Simpson Poses Sans Makeup

Jessica Simpson has gone au naturel on the latest cover of Marie Claire magazine. The singer and reality television star posed for the magazine cover’s without makeup and with no retouching. The 29-year-old said, "I don't have anything to prove anymore. What other people think of me is not my business.” Simpson is currently hosting a VH1 television show called The Price of Beauty, which looks at how women across the world view personal beauty. I guess the show has rubbed off on her. [E! Online]

Some Guy You've Probably Never Heard Of Did Something Really Amazing in a Sport You Don't Care About

Lionel Messi, who is widely regarded as the single most talented football, err soccer, player in the world scored four goals in a UEFA Championship showdown yesterday, proving his dominance in ways that both soccer analysts in America thought were impossible. The Argentina-born star is now being likened to Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, and whoever the hell the world's best baseball player is these days. Honestly, it's a really huge deal that Europeans and South American immigrants are still talking about. [The Big Lead]

Jon Gosselin Wants to Take a Run at Father of the Year

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After a brief and televised trainwreck marriage to unemployed uber-bitch Kate Gosselin, Jon Gosselin has decided that he would like to take his shortcomings as a man, husband, and reality show star and bring them into the parenting ring. After all, why else would he file for sole custody? (You know, besides trying to avoid paying his ex-wife $20,000/month in alimony.) [TMZ]

Lindsay Lohan’s Dad is Marrying Jon Gosselin’s Ex

And in a truly bizarre coupling, Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael has popped the question to former tabloid reporter and Jon Gosselin ex Kate Major. Michael and Kate have reportedly known each other for four years and both recently traveled to Florida so 50-year-old Michael could ask her father’s permission. The wedding is expected to take place soon with Kate telling People magazine, “I've already talked to some of the bridesmaids, and it will probably be in New York, probably at the end of this year.” Lindsay is not happy about the impending nuptials. Shortly after the announcement she took to Twitter and tweeted, “I'm gonna vomit! I so didn't need that info ... Yuck!” [People]

Chinese Hackers Broke Into the Dalai Lama's Email Account

Turns out even His Holiness, with Buddha on his side, can't protect himself against Chinese hackers, with 11 months of his personal emails being monitored according to new security reports. GhostNet, a huge spam network, apparently hacked into his account and were reading his emails between January and November 2009. Details about Indian security and missile systems, Nato workers in Afghanistan—and just how he keeps his orange robes so bright after many washes—were enclosed in the 1,500 emails that were stolen by the hackers. [Telegraph]

Comcast's 3D Channel Goes Live

Customers in a handful of Comcast markets might have noticed that the switch on their promised 3D content just got flipped in the past 24 hours or so. Viewers were greeted with a short loop of test content at first, but now, they're getting a message pimping coverage of the Masters Tournament that starts later today. Folks with HD boxes in San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Twin Cities, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Miami, and Indianapolis should all have access to the programming. Naturally, you'll need a 3D-compatible set and glasses to enjoy the footage, but be warned: if the ball comes straight at the camera, it's going to be really, really scary for a second. [Huliq]

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