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Comic-Con 09: Live Blog from Pixar Panel

by nathanbloch   July 24, 2009 at 3:40PM  |  Views: 169

The audience is given special 3-D glasses and before anyone takes the stage we're treated to the beginning of Toy Story 2... in 3-D. It's pretty awesome, needless to say. And now John Lasseter is taking the stage...

Lasseter asks the audience if his shirt is loud enough for everyone. He tells us to put our glasses back on because he's produced a new animation for the new double feature of Toy Story and Toy Story 2. No one's seen this animation, but it's short, cool, and shows off Pixar's 3-D technology. It's basically the main characters from Toy Story interacting in a 3-D environment.

Lee Unkrich talks about Toy Story 3, he says a quarter of the film is animated and he's excited for us to see it next June. Three years ago he, Andrew Stanton, and Lasseter went away to a cabin retreat where the first Toy Story was created, and locked themselves away to come up with the story for Toy Story 3.

Unkrich says that they brainstormed and watched the first two movies and finally realized that in Toy Story 3 Andy needed to be grown up and about to go to college.

Lasseter says that it's important for Pixar to make funny movies that also have emotion in them. He emphasized the strong emotional core of Toy Story 3

Unkrich revealed that Michael Keaton is going to voice the new character of Ken. We're shown a very funny clip of Ken living his life with '70s music playing, while Ken takes questions from an interviewer about how he's just an accessory to Barbie. Ken becomes angrier until he finally leaves the interview.

Lassetter tells us that The Beauty and the Beast Disney film is going to be turned into a 3-D film as well. We're shown a clip of Beauty and the Beast in 3D which, admittedly, like most films converted to 3-D after being created in 2-D, did not benefit from the change.

We're then shown a trailer for the new animated show to air on ABC, Prep and Landing, about the elves that help Santa on Christmas. As childlike as the idea sounds, it actually looks very funny and even cool. The elves that help Santa are very high-tech and all business. Imagine Ethan Hunt in teams and only 12 inches talll...and you've got the elves that take care of business. 

Lassetter also announces that they are bringing back hand-drawn animation to much applause. 

The next discussion is about The Princess and the Frog, and how it takes place in New Orleans. Randy Newman has recorded seven original songs for the film, one of which we're going to hear. We're being shown the rough animations for many of the characters in the movie in black and white because the cartoons are unfinished and still in sketch form.

Source: Pixar