Ancient Round; Match 4: Attila the Hun vs Persian Immortal

December 5, 2010

Attila the Hun

Sword of Mars.


Hunnic Bow.

Scythian Axe.

Persian Immortal



Persian Bow.



Sword of Mars vs Sagaris. Edge = Sword of Mars.

The Sword of Mars is more devastating, and it is faster. It is also used on both horseback and foot, where the Sagaris is used only on foot.

Lasso vs Spear. Edge = Spear.

The Spear is way deadlier, and the Lasso only can kill by the Heiman's Fracture, and the Spear can kill with either its spearhead and a club on the back.

Hunnic Bow vs Persian Bow. Edge = Hunnic Bow.

The Hunnic Bow is far deadlier with its accuracy. The Persian Bow only shoots with more archers, and it is not made for one-on-one accuracy.

Scythian Axe vs Dagger. Edge = Scythian Axe.

The Axe is longer and is very fast. It will overtake the dagger any day.


Attila the Hun is riding his horse, in the middle of a baron town. He is searching to conquer the place, but first making sure no one is around. He lowers his bow, but as he does, a man comes around the corner on a chariot, and shoots his own arrow.

The arrow missed by a few feet.


Attila insulted his enemy, raised up his bow again, and shot an arrow. It hit the charioteer in the neck, and the Persian Immortal grabbed the reigns, and was able to keep it steady. As Attila rode closer, he took out his spear, and was ready to take him down. However, Attila started spinning around his lasso, but instead of grabbing Persian, it grabbed his spear. With their two 'vehicles' locked together now, both fell off their chariot/horse.

Attila got up with his scythian axe, and the Persian also had his sagaris. They both swung at each other, but both backed up at the last second. Eventually, both axes locked together, and to quickly solve the problem, Attila unsheathed his sword of Mars.

Attila's sword came down, and slashed at the Persian's chest. But due to his scale armor, it protected, but another few swings and he was a goner. He jumped back and got his spear again. He tried to stab, but Attila just made it, only gashing his arm. He swung again, and it glanced off his scales again. More started to fell off, so the Persian retaliated by flipping his spear and knocking Attila down with the ball.

The Persian stood over Attila, and he held his dagger, but before he could stab into Attila, he threw up his sword, slashing the Persian again. He jumped over him, and stabbed into the Persian, killing him.

Attila the Hun: 629.

Sword of Mars: 167.

Lasso: 5.

Hunnic Bow: 333.

Scythian Axe: 124.

Persian Immortal: 371.

Sagaris: 110.

Spear: 184.

Persian Bow: 29.

Dagger: 48.