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Counting Cash In Kailua

by AaronAhmadi   September 22, 2012 at 2:00PM  |  Views: 10,045
With all the fun the Auction Hunters had in Hawaii last week, they knew they had to stay for one more auction…just one more adventure to find some loot in the tropical paradise. Heck, they did fly nearly 2,500 miles just to get there, so why not, right? Was the second day in Hawaii filled with as much fun and cash as the first day? Let's find out:


Maybe Ton, Allen, and Carolyn were newbies to Hawaii, but they sure didn't go there unprepared because Allen's friend from California, Junior, was waiting for them at the auction. Junior gave the team the inside scoop, who the big players were, and who they had to avoid. With one local on their side finally, the team was able to pull in two units for $1,925. That was some serious dough spent on units! Going abroad is always more expensive it seems.


Sold For: $4,800

To a guy, there's nothing more beautiful than a shiny, new bike. And being a shiny, bright lime green made this baby just oh-so much sweeter for the boys. This scooter had Allen and ton pumped, so they had Carolyn scoop up a local buyer for them. Enter Dan, a scooter enthusiast who the Auction Hunters were hoping would be uber enthusiastic about their motor scooter. Not only was this bike nicknamed "The Husky" but it used to be parachuted into areas – how cool is that? Being completely sold out of this model, the boys had some leverage and were able to rake in $4,800 for this big green machine. Here's a tip: if an item looks fun, the money it brings in weighs a ton.



Everyone knows Ton loves two things to death: antique firearms, and tattoos, so it's no surprise that when he stumbled upon antique Polynesian tattoo equipment he was like a little boy opening up a present on Christmas Day. When Ton and Allen rendezvoused with potential buyer named Keone, a Polynesian Tattoo Artist (FYI there's not a lot around these days). Not only were these things made out of water buffalo horn and seabird bone, they were in the mind of Keone simply priceless – so it was only fitting that Ton and Allen would donate the tools. Sometimes, things just need to go into the hands of tradition. The boys did get one reward though: Ton got a one-of-a-kind tattoo!

A traditional Polynesian tattoo, profit, and some beautiful sunshine and surfing made Hawaii yet another pleasurable (yet profitable) venture. Our team spent $1,925 on two units, sold their discoveries for $9,125, and left the beautiful island with $7,225 of profit in their pockets.

Have you seen Ton's latest addition to his tattoo collection? Watch the latest Auction Hunters episode, "Friends In Hawaii Places" and see how it all went down. Check out the Auction Hunters Facebook Pagelike all the news and updates regarding the series, and remember to check out all-new episodes of Auction Hunters airing Wednesdays at 10/9c on SPIKE.