Dead Space Necromorphs Vs. LOTR Fellowship of the Ring

February 14, 2011


* Infector,Pregnant,Swarmer, Exploder, Crawler, Flyer   done

 This lured you in, didn't it?


   For this match I wanted to do something different then I usually do. Inspired by Roker's Foxhound vs. L4D special infected I have been inspired to create my own fictional matchup. The idea came to me while trying to imagine what would be another great, random matchup.

     This is a battle between two icons of their respective industries. Tolkien is surely one of the best authors in history, and his Lord of the Rings books are, in my opinion, the bible of the  Fantasy genre(yes I would rate him next to the authors of the bible). His influence is everywhere, whether it be in games (they need to do one on the Silmarion), movies (the series that Peter Jackson is most famous for), and books. The Fellowship is everywhere except, to my disappointment, on Deadliest Warrior ( but that will change now).


    The Necromorphs (word literally means  Dead-Form) are a newer breed of monster, one born out of the widely successful video game Dead Space, and due to the lack of public awareness on them I will explain a bit more than I did for the Fellowship. Born out of a desire to do something new with the Zombie and Horror genre, Necromorphs are the mutated monstrosities born out of an alien virus taking over dead bodies, and then changing it to fit its horrifying purpose. They are uncompromising, unrelenting and having only one sinister purpose, to create more bodies to spread the infection (with one exception to be talked about later).  Arguably there have been few, if any, other monsters better suited to this task.  Possessing the intelligence of a master predator, durability unmatched by any living organism (can survive in extreme places, like Cryro-storage and the Void of space), and the ability to take wounds that would kill anything else (can survive simultaneous decapitation and removal of both legs) these are truly a worthy opponent for the godlike martial prowess of the Fellowship.  

Rules and grading:

The Fellowship

The Objective


"Nine companions. So be it. You shall be the The Fellowship of The Ring."

   To compensate for their lack of members in comparison to the Necromorphs and to show off their extreme martial prowess, the Fellowship will be graded to a higher scale then the Necromorphs. The hobbits, being the weakest of the group, will still be graded out of 20, while heavier hitters will be graded out of 30. In addition their characters will be manipulated to have the best possible defense/offense/magic against the Neromorphs. Aragorn will have his Andruril reforged blade (which he had when he began his journey in the books), while Legolas will have duel elven long knives in addition to the bow (added in movie). Most will have mail or in mithril in Frodo's case. Essentially anything that they had before the breaking of the Fellowship (Boromir’s death) they will have (I am making one story alteration in that Gandalf survives Moria) like the Light of Galadriel and Healing herbs.  

The Necromorphs


"Take their legs out, and they'll drag themselves toward you. Shoot off an arm, and they'll use their other arm to rip into you. Nope, the only real way to take these creatures out is to completely rip them apart."

   The Necromorphs are numerous in number, and hard to kill to boot. While most variants of Necromorphs will have only one of its members appearing in this fight, there are four exceptions. The Pack, Slasher and Stalkers will come in numbers as their tactics are all geared to attacking in groups. The Pack could have numbers as high as 7-8 , while the Stalkers will have 3, due to the fact they are one of the most dangerous enemies in the game. Slashers are a variable number and the reason why leads me to my fourth exception: The Infector. This necromorphs sole purpose is simply to create new neromorphs and as such, yes there will be dead bodies laying around. To make it a little more fair, only the first few slashers will be at their enhanced versions, the rest that are created by the infector will be normal, weaker version-UNLESS the infector manages to turn a dead Fellowship member, in which case that necromorph will be enhanced. All Other Necromorphs will exist as their enhanced versions, with some exceptions like the Pack, who don't have an Enhanced version. Also most of their members will be /10, with the exception of some more threatening variants  like the Stalkers and Brute who will be out of 20. There will be ONE advanced form necromorph(Boss), in addition to the Marker being featured as a Psychological weapon.

* The following  Basic forms won't appear: Nest, Cyst, and Wheezer



Night Light

"More than one way to skin a recombinated cat, you ugly fucker!"

-Abraham Neumann, last survivor of Aegis VII

 The first and most common form of Necromorph is known as the Slasher. Made from ordinary bodies, this variant comes in many additional sub-forms, only two of which will be featured.

    The regular and most common form of Slasher is a body that is reanimated by an Infector. They now have four arms, with an additional two growing out of the stomach. Hands are now elongated claws.  The neck is now twisted and can bend in directions that would break a human’s neck.  Most of the flesh from their body has been removed, like it was stripped off, and they are now sporting 2-3 foot blades out of their original arms. In addition their teeth have been sharpened, allowing for biting attacks.



     The second Variant is known as the Enhanced Slasher. While physically similar, their limbs are now blacker and they possess glowing eyes. Its body is now almost crawling with maggots, and their blades are sharper and stronger. They are also more aggressive, charging at speeds that only the Twitcher (a third variant that will have it's own separate section) can best. They are also more bulky and can take more damage than average Necromorphs. Both variants can survive a lot of damage, able to keep going even without an arm, head or legs (or a combination of these!). In addition they absorb the armor of the being who they assimilate (for example an enemy armored with mail would be a mail skinned necromorph).

Attack: Blades, Biting

This Necromorph Variant has two primary weapons to attack with; it's massive arm-blades and its mouth. The blades on it's arms are excellent slashing tools, and with enough force and time can slash through even the best armor in the game(can it slash through mail though, is the question). They can also be used to stab, which would essentially be impaling with arms as large and as wide as those. Should these weapons fail, or if the Necromorph wants to hold an enemy still, he could choose to enfold his prey inside his arms, using his mouth to bite down deep- and eventually decapitate.

Tactics/Behavior: Psychological, Ambush, Pack, "Play Dead"

     Slashers  are quite capable of Psychological warfare, often using roars and screams when it knows that the prey is near, but not in sight, to scare them. When their prey moves into position they will usually ambush them from nearby vents, rafters, dark corners or other hiding places, giving them a powerful element of suprise.Usually they will do this in numbers to increase effectiveness of ambush. When the ambush fails they are capable of a remarkable display of intelligence that could suggest either a form of telepathy or hive mentality is present. For example in the movie when the horde of slashers is pinned down by a well stocked security team, most of the horde continued trying to rush the spot while a small group of Necromorphs flanked them, killing their strongest member(and the one with the excess ammo).

   Finally the Necromorphs, when there is no adequate place to ambush from, often "play dead" lying on the middle of the ground, prone and seemingly unmoving. If the prey is not paranoid or wise to their tricks then when he turns his back, or comes up closer to investigate the Necromorph up close, he'll reawaken and try to slaughter the unfortunate.


 The slashers will be the most common form of the Necromorph that the Fellowship will face, and the one form that could increase as time goes on through the powers of the Infector.  They are also the form the Fellowship will find easiest to deal with. Regular slashers are quite easy to hack into, and while arrows won't do very much(unless shot by Legolas) Gandalf can use Kinesis to simply push them off ledges, into hazards ect. Aragorn, Boromir, and Legolas all have skill in close range fighting and can surely fight them off, while the hobbits will likely try to hack at their feet while they are fighting the big guys. Gimli's axe, while not well  suited for cutting off individual limbs, can crush the Necromorphs bones and limbs, thereby rendering them a flailing mess. Still their tactics, possibility of horde and surprise factor will surely take a toll, and i can certainly see at least ONE unwary hobbit falling for the 'play dead’ trick. The enhanced slasher will likely be even more formidable, and will take coordination to take down.  In addition to this it will be a HUGE moral hit to even experienced and hardened members like Legolas, Aragorn , Gimli and even Gandalf, to see one of their former friends running screaming at them, with intent to kill. Also will serve as distraction for other Necromorph forms.

Video of the Beast in Action: Execution move

HEre (1)


One Armed Slasher (3)

One More (4)


"The chest of the corpse has started to expand, like it's taking a deep breath. Something appears to be happening under the surface of the skin. The body is convulsing - a yellowish briny liquid bursts from the mouth accompanied by choking noises. There's a crunching noise as the throat bulges and the jaw collapses. The head is splitting apart... reforming now into what appear to be a proboscis and feelers. The chest splits along the centre now as the flesh stretches and expands outwards; the organs, bone and muscle bend inwards. The internal organs contort and reorganize themselves into an odd structure central to which is a massive bladder. The bladder is filling with a liquid, some of which can be seen spilling from the proboscis. I can only assume the two are connected.

The legs are quivering as the flesh peels away and meshes with the flesh from the chest region. There is a sudden snap halfway through the process as one leg bends backwards. More quivering now and the other leg has snapped at the knee. The changes appear to be slowing now... it starts to sit up, the body is convulsing, the legs flopping. It is trying to take its first step, uneasy as first... but now it is adapting quickly. A half-dozen steps and it seems to be perfectly at home with the new, contorted form. "

 - Dr. G. Abernathy, describing the transformation of a deceased coworker into a infector.

       This is the "recruiter" of the Necromorph army, and the only way that the Necromorphs can increase the number that they are allotted originally.

       They most resemble giant, headless bats and even mimic their flying style. It's "wings" are the fold of skin between their disjointed arms and legs, with its head now being completely unrecognizable, being a long retractable proboscis. It is through this proboscis that the virus is administered, by utilizing yellow fluid stored in the beast's bladder(not what you think). While most of time they walk on the floor on their talons, they are capable of brief flight. They will usually avoid attacking unless there are no more bodies to infect.

Attack: Talons, Proboscis

  Infectors will generally try to avoid fighting unless A. there are no more bodies to infect B. They are harassed while trying to create more bodies. or C. as part of a ambush. When they are forced through whatever means to fight their primary weapons are its razor sharp talons, which will easily rip through flesh. When the want to move in for the kill however, they will grapple with their prey by latching on with its talons and  then attempting  to impale that unfortunate will their 2 foot long proboscis.

Tactics/Behavior: INFECT!, surprise

     The main purpose of this Necromorph is to create new necromorphs, and it will forgo fighting completely unless one of the above conditions are met to fulfill this objective. Should the Fellowship fail to take him out in time they could be facing a whole army of slashers. Like all other necromorphs, this monstrosity is quite capable/willing to ambush its enemies, jumping down from rafters to ambush Franco in the beginning of Dead Space 2, giving us a close-up and first hand glimpse of a necromorph transformation.


   This necromorph is most effective in it's passive role, i.e. creating more necromorphs. Unless the Fellowship can stop it immediately, they may be facing a whole army of slashers, which may also feature familiar faces in the crowd, leading o decreased morale. When it finally decides to attack however, it's effectiveness is mixed at best. It's slashing talons aren’t that effective against unarmored foes, and the chainmail of most of the Fellowship will pretty much negate it . Likewise it won't be able to pierce the chainmail with its proboscis either, meaning that it will only really be used for head and neck attacks. Gimli's axe will likely be its greatest foe, as it could easily crush all of the Infector's organs in one blow. It's grapple will be deadly against the small hobbits, but I can see anyone else standing a chance of being able to successfully fight him off in without help. With the rest of the team there, it's likely that even the hobbits can fight it off with help. This doesn't make the infector completely weak, and it can certainly get a kill as a result of an ambush. 

Infector: In action: Execution


Infector in Action: Transformation/Execution




     The Pregnant is aptly named, as the biggest danger from this monster comes from inside it's womb, rather than outside.

      The Pregnant is very much like the slasher, with three glaring exceptions. First the blades of this beast are wider, longer and thicker then the average slasher. Secondly the legs are shorter and stockier, to better support the third and most noticeable attribute of this monster, its giant abdominal sac. Inside this sac resides Swarmers, who will be described next.

Attacks: Blades, Payload

The blades of the Pregnant are both more damaging and heavier than the regular slashers, and can be used to hack and stab. As such when they hit it will be devastating but that is a big if, especially against lightly armored or agile  foes. It's main "weapon" can only be used once it's dead; the biological terror contained in its stomach. More about them down below.

Tactics/Behavior: kill, RELEASE THE KRACKEN!!

 Like all other Necromorphs its main purpose is to kill non-necromorphs, although the delicate state of its sack prevents it from  being as good of a ambusher as it's comrades. Due to its payload it is one of the slowest necromorphs, and at its fastest it is roughly the same speed as you power walking. Should it fall or show signs of being in mortal danger its purpose will shift from kill to releasing the contents of its sack. Pregnant have been observed using their own blades to disembowel itself when mortally wounded , so that it's brood may go free and wreak havoc. They have about ten of them in their sac.


 The Pregnant's main advantage will be its sac, which will certainly be a target for the Fellowship, who likely wouldn’t know better. The thrown axes and arrows of the Fellowship also won't have much of a effect , and again likely serve to unleash the payload.  In close combat it will be at a disadvantage against faster opponents, like Legolas and the hobbits. I can easily see them dodging the initial slash and them hewing out the Pregnant’s legs out from under her(him?), or Legolas merely slicing off the offending arm.  Gandalf's magical ability will likely allow him to push it back, or else fry her with his lightning/fire, which will also kill the brood. Fighting Boromir and Aragorn will also be dangerous, as both are capable of dodging and then cutting off her legs, or in Boromir's case merely blocking with the shield and then countering. The Best person for the Pregnant to  fight in close quarters it Gimli, as he usually goes for the chest with his axe, which will unleash the payload directly upon him, giving the pregnant if she is still living a chance to finish off the distracted dwarf. In addition he'll have difficulties dodging. The swarmers present their own unique advantages.....

Pregnant in action:

Pregnant video

Pregnant attack/death


"They're everywhere"

- Unknown

  The swarmers are the foul brood of the Pregnant. It is hard to describe them, but they look like mutated hands or at least flesh that includes mutated fingers. It is unknown how they make noise, lacking a mouth, or bite (although they could stab at their prey with their long nails).


 As previously stated they "bite" their prey, although it does not appear that they have mouths. A  theoryis  they dig deep in through the flesh of their foes with their sharpened fingers.

Tactics/Behavior: SWARM! High jump


As suggested by the name, the Swarmers overwhelm their prey by latching onto them and ripping off skin. While not particularly devastating individually, get 6or 7 of them on you and they will very quickly bring you down. They have the ability to jump to a height at least 15 times their size, allowing them to jump on their opponents hard to reach back.


 Against a lone member of the fellowship a swarm of ten will likely be fatal, if they are able to latch on. Against multiple not so much, as the team will likely stop and help pull them off. They can pretty much be crushed with bare hands, so they are not particularly hard to kill. The Swarmers will be great distracters though, and the team will have to worry about both what's on their back and what's in front of them.

Swarm death 

The Exploder:


    The Exploder is aptly named, and in Melee combat there are none that can do more damage with a single strike. The problem is that a single strike is all this guy has got.

  The exploder has been radically transformed by the infection. It's head has been vertically split in two, each side brimming with sharp  teeth. It's left arm has transformed into a glowing, pulsating, HUGE pimple/explosive. It's right arm has become enlogated enough to function as a leg, while it's real legs has fused together.

 Attack: KABOOOM!, Bite

 The main attack for this Necro is to swing their giant arm-bomb onto the enemy-or the ground should he miss. The blast radius is akin to that of a small grenade, and pretty much everything around him, including himself, will be blown to pieces. In the rare case that the bomb is severed from his body and he still lives, he will try to hit the enemy with his mouth flaps.

Tactics/Behavior: Ambush, Suicide bomb

 Like most Necromorphs, the exploder is capable of pulling off an ambush, often jumping out of vents or dark corners once the enemy is close enough. Once in range he will wing it's arm as high as he can and then bring it down to the ground, blowing up everything around him.


     There are some serious issues that stop this guy from getting full points. One is that every time the enemy gets close and he catches sight of them he gives forth a weird gasp/wail, which will alert the Fellowship to its presence. IF it can get close enough to detonate then it will undoubtedly be devastating to the Fellowship, and may wipe out most of them depending on how clumped together they are, but that is a HUGE IF.  Reason being is that the exploder doesn’t really take any steps to ensure a stealthy approach, and he has a powerful nemesis in this fight ; Legolas. Perhaps the best archer to ever be conceived, this guy is a marksmen on par with legends such as Robin Hood and Odysseys, and is capable of rapid fire. Hell I would bet that he could beat the Cho Ku Nu in pumping out arrows, and unlike the repeating crossbow actually has great penetrating power.  Point is the Glowing arm-bomb is basically a big target for the Elf, and I can see him taking it out from a great distance whenever he is around ( I really can't conceive of him missing this ). Should the elf be unavailable or, gods forbid, dead, Aragorn also has a bow which he is decently skilled at, and Gimli has a throwing axe. Lastly Gandalf has Telekinesis, and I can see him slamming the arm into a wall.  If any of these guys take out the arm prematurely then it will be very detrimental to the Necromophs, as anything around the exploder will also die.


"Come here, come to mama."

-last words of a Nursery worker

 The Necromorph invasion has spread, and not even the young and innocent are immune.

  The virus has twisted this once innocent baby into a monster. It's torso is now a explosive, in the same manner as the Exploder's arm. Its arms and head are all twisted backwards, while it's legs are fused together.

Attack: Baby  Bomb

The only attack of this corrupted infant is self detonation. Basically when it gets close enough to its target it will explode. The blast is significantly smaller than that of the Exploder's, but still devastating.

 this will not end well....

Tactics/Behavior: Suicide bomb, baby sounds

Self explanatory and it only exists for said purpose, not really attempting to use strategy to get close to its opponent. It does give of creepy baby sounds though.


Without a doubt this will be one of the more unnerving of the Necromorphs, effecting even hardened heroes like Gandalf and Aragorn. IT suffers from all the same problems that the exploder does though. Its approach is obvious, and it's torso is essentially a giant target. Expect this child to have the same nemesis as the exploder; Legolas. The ensuing explosion  will likely take out any Necromorphs traveling with it as well. Aragorn and Gandalf would also be up for the task, if the can get past their revulsion and pity for the thing.

Crawler in action

Here (nursery worker)


"Oh God, how are we supposed to stay safe if those things can fly?" And now so I can Keep track

-Lexine Murdoch

    The only necromorph that is capable of full flight, compensating for its lack of melee ability.

Since I have not played Dead Space Extraction, and cannot adequately describe one, i will copy the Wiki's description.

A Flyer seems to consist of an upper torso twisted and flayed into a shape vaguely resembling a stingray, topped by a partially-skinned human skull and possessing a 'tail', presumably composed of either intertwined nerves, a dangling spinal column, or both. The arms are twisted forwards and fused to the cheeks, forming a crude "frame" for the wings. They have horribly twisted facial features such as the skin from the jaw and part of the face have peeled away. Their jaw has also split in two. Unlike Infectors, Flyers move only through the air and possess considerable mobility and agility, making it hard to shoot them while they are in a dive.

Attack: Sharp  tail, biting

Flyers only have two forms of attack, both utilizing hit and run tactics. They either bite at their enemy then run away, or slash at them with their tales.

Tactics: Hit and run, long, predictable dives

 As mentioned the Flyers utilize guerilla tactics on their enemies, attacking and running away. They make long, predictable runs toward their enemies however, so it's unlikely that he'll get many kills.


The Ability to fly gives it some bonus, as it is the most mobile out of any necromorphs. Its predictability will certainly hurt it, as I can see even hobbits cutting it down as it pass, and Legolas will certainly be able to predict its movements well enough to shoot it out of the sky. In my opinion this creature is good only as a form of distraction and it will be hard pressed to get a kill.



 Brute ¿ Crawler ¿ Divider ¿ Drag Tentacle ¿ Exploder ¿ Flyer ¿ Grabber ¿ Guardian(pods) ¿ Infector ¿ Leaper ¿ Lurker ¿ ¿ Pack ¿ Pregnant ¿ Puker ¿ Slasher ¿ Spitter ¿ Stalker ¿ Swarmer ¿ Twitcher