Mantenna - Tuesday, July 14

July 14, 2009

Stephen Chow is done with Green Hornet, research proves what men like, and Russell Brand returns to host the 2009 MTV VMAs...Se habla Mantenna?

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The Other Woman from Jon & Kate Plus 8 Likes to Party

Hailey Glassman is the 22-year-old woman dating Jon Gosselin, the newly separated dad from the much talked about TLC reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8. Jon and Hailey were photographed out and about in St. Tropez recently, smoking cigarettes and going shopping. Now photos have emerged showing Hailey to be quite a party girl. They show her smoking pot, dressing up, and simulating sexual positions. Hailey also has a police mug shot floating about from the time she was arrested in 2005 for smoking pot. The case was later dismissed. [Huffington Post]

Research Proves What Men Like

A new study of 4,000 people who judged photos on the website show that men are visual beings who like women who are confident and in a bikini. According the The Sydney Morning Herald, “Men consistently preferred the images of women who were thin, seductive, and 'confident.' Translation: scantily clad and posing suggestively.” The study was published in last month's issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. [SMH]

Courtney Cox and David Arquette are Pumped About Scream 4

Why, exactly, is beyond anyone, but they are. Maybe it’s ‘cause their careers are stalled out, or maybe it’s because they’re under the misguided notion that there is a demand for more Scream movies. Arquette had this to say about the (potential) fourth film: “Kevin Williamson is writing the script at this moment, and hopefully Wes Craven is going to direct.” That’s right, Craven is not necessarily part of the project just yet. Maybe he can slap some sense into Cox and Arquette. [/Film]

Stephen Chow Done with Green Hornet

First he was going to direct and co-star, then he was just going to co-star, and now Stephen Chow has bowed out of the Green Hornet project altogether. Seth Rogen is still on board, but he’s now lacking a sidekick. “But now it appears that Chow has another feature he would like to do, and the ongoing scheduling problems the film has suffered appear to have resulted in him bowing out of the project.” So that’s that. Will this movie ever get off the ground? [Cinematical]

Russell Brand Returns to Host 2009 MTV Video Music Awards


Source: Frank Micelott/Getty Images

Following the very successful 2009 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles, MTV is bringing the so-called craziness back to New York City for the 26th annual Video Music Awards on September 13th. For the second year in a row, comedian Russell Brand will host the live show taking place at some of the city's most iconic locations, including Radio City Music Hall. Taylor Swift and Muse have already been scheduled to perform. [MTV]

Michael Jackson's Estate Open For Business

Two weeks after Michael Jackson's death, administrators of his estate are temporarily authorized to reopen for business and negotiate agreements relating to the singer's This Is It concert tour. Lawyers were in a Los Angeles Superior Court yesterday ironing out details of the powers given to two men named by Jackson to administer his estate. Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff conferred wide-ranging authority on attorney John Branca and recording executive John McClain, at least until August 3 when another hearing is scheduled. The list of powers for the administrators includes taking control of all of Jackson's physical assets and placing them in secure storage facilities, hiring people with expertise in handling various aspects of the estate with fees subject to court approval, and handling tax matters. [Billboard]

Happy Anniversary Santa Susana, America’s Mini Chernobyl Disaster

Did you know that up in the hills of Simi Valley, just 30 miles north of downtown Los Angeles, lay the remains of one of the first experimental nuclear reactors in the United States? Turned out to be kind of a sloppy operation actually, and very much the basis for the hazardous power plant antics in The Simpsons. But here’s a little known fact: Today marks the 60th anniversary of its partial meltdown, which released more than 300 times more radiation into the surrounding area than the infamous Three Mile Island incident in New Jersey two decades later (which received far more media attention). Also noteworthy: the area around the Santa Susana reactor won’t be fully decontaminated until 2017. [Daily News]

Pingwire Means the End of All Productivity

Such a simple, brilliant idea. Where can you find pictures of random people’s cats juxtaposed with grandma porn, goth chicks, and donut cheeseburgers? On Pingwire, an incredibly simple website which displays a real time feed of every picture being posted to Twitter. Humanity is gross, narcissistic, and awesome. [Ping Wire]

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