Film Your Stupidity in First Person HD

April 27, 2009

The CountourHD wearable camcorder is “the world’s first HD wearable camcorder” and hosts an impressive list of features.

The CountourHD shoots 1280x720 video at 30fps for high definition.  It shoots 60fps in standard.  It uses SD card storage which goes up to 16GB.  That means you’ve got eight hours of HD antics or 16 of SD. 

The two coolest features of the camera though are its water and shock-resistant armored body (a must for sports cams) and the laser alignment system.  Because you can mount the camera in a variety of ways, they made the lens adjustable by 192 degrees.  Turn the lasers on to see where the sides of the lens are, then rotate it until it’s lined up.