Guess Which Other Over-Hyped Sporting Event is More Popular than the Super Bowl

February 3, 2010

As much as the NFL and CBS marketing department (who have done an outstanding job promoting CSI’s 12 months of Caruso fetish calendar) love referring to the Super Bowl as the world’s biggest game – there is a different championship that actually brings in more viewers.

The 2009 UEFA Soccer Championship (which your neighbor who emigrated from a country that actually cares about soccer was really excited about) drew a bigger audience than last year’s Super Bowl.

According to a group of nerds who track this sort of thing at The Sports Economist, the Champions League Final between Barcelona and Manchester United drew 109 million viewers, as opposed to the Steelers – Cardinals showdown that got a mere 106 million people, edging out the possibly fictional Charles Barkley Wine Cooler Appreciation Hour on the surprisingly popular Obesity Network.

So, next time you flip by a soccer game on television and think “Who the hell wants to watch a bunch of British guys who appear to wearing eyeliner play a scoreless 90 minute game?” you might be alone. Because apparently there are 100 or so million people who feel differently.

Source: David Drapkin/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images