SWAT vs The Taliban

February 18, 2011

(Considering that nobody voted for KGB vs Mafia or SWAT vs Taliban, I flipped a coin. But dont worry, I may end up doing KGB vs Mafia next week possibly so yeah.)

SWAT, America's Elite Special Forces who's Valor makes them known worldwide fights the Taliban, The Terrorists who's missions strike fear into the US. It will be a fight to the death too see who is THE DEADLIEST WARRIOR!!!

SWAT fights with:

Short Range: LWRC PSD Ritfle

Medium Range: Beneli M4 ShotGun

Long Range: Remington 700 Sniper Ritfle

Special Weapon: Taser Shockwave/Handheld Taser

Armor: Kelvar Vest & Helmet

Stragety: Get the Job Done No Matter What

The Taliban fires back with:

Short Range: Bayonet Knife

Medium Range: AK-47 Assault Ritfle

Long Range: RPG-7 Rocket Launcher

Special Weapon: PMN Mine

Armor: None

Stragety: Intimidation

Now Lets Introduce the Warriors!


SWAT Stands for Special Weapons And Tatics. SWAT is made to do Special Operations that go from Counter Terrorism to Hostage Situations. The first SWAT team was deployed by the Los Angeles Police Department. SWAT's first known Deployment was December 9, 1969 against a group of people known as the "Black Panthers". SWAT members are called multiple times a day, so no lounging around on the Job for them!




The Taliban

The Taliban are a Militia in most areas of the Middle East that wants to rid the Western Influence in the middle East. Most People likely knew the Taliban for their Suicide Bombings and attacks on the US. The Taliban wield many weapons from Bayonets to RPG's. Whats an RPG? Well ask any 13-30 year old who plays Call Of Duty: Black Opps all day or look it up!






Now For The Edges:

LWRC PSD Ritfle vs Bayonet Knife EDGE: LWRC PSD Ritfle

Gun vs Knife. LOL well the Bayonet can be attached to the AK but unless the SWAT member is dedicated to blowing the Taliban Members Brain out, they will both shoot from afar.

Beneli M4 vs AK-47 Assault Ritfle EDGE: AK-47

The AK-47 has Much Much MUCH more versetility. While the Beneli is fast, the AK is faster, can take down multiple people and can be used as a short range weapon with the Bayonet attached, but it can kill other Taliban members if he is not smart.

Remington 700 Sniper Ritfle vs RPG-7 Rocket Launcher EDGE: Remington 700

The Sniper is more accurate and can blow off heads. While the RPG has more disadvantages. As we saw in the IRA vs Taliban episode, that Newb with the RPG can kill your own members with its explosions.

Taser Shockwave vs PMN Mine EDGE: PMN Mine

The Taser can put any warrior into Submission. But if a handheld Taser is being used, the SWAT member will need to commit a hand to it and if he leaves, the Taliban Member can get up and kill him or another member can kill him. The PMN has more killing potential and a SWAT member doesnt scan the ground for mines...

Kelvar Vest and Helmet vs None EDGE: Kelvar Vest and Helmet

The Helmet can stop the Bayonet from a temple shot while the Vest can stop the AK a little bit. Not much to say about SWAT's armor and the Talibans clothing armor to be honest.

Get the Job Done vs Intimidation EDGE: Get the Job Done

There is a reason that SWAT members dont cower in fear from terrorists. Not much to say again...lol.



Short Range: SWAT

Medium Range: Taliban

Long Range: SWAT

Special Weapons: Taliban

Armor: SWAT

Tatics: SWAT

Now for the Simulation!


-Area: Large School Building

-It will be a 6VS6 Battle



The Taliban are trying to show the world that they dont want their Western Influence in their town by holding a school hostage, putting everybody in the basement and threating to blow up the entire school unless the Goverment gives them $100,000,000 and they let them leave safely. The Leader Taliban Member holds his AK-47 in the air and empties his entire AK-47 in the air to show the Police is means Buisness. The Police, realizing they cant do much, call SWAT. SWAT quickly Mobilizes get ready.

Six SWAT Members with guns, 2 Holding Beneli's, 2 Holding LWRC PSD Ritfles, one with a Remington 700 and one with a battering ram, handheld taser and LWRC with him also. The Remington 700 Troop goes to a nearby Building and sets up, along with a Handheld taser and a Beneli M4. The Battering Rams' BANG! alarms a Taliban member and he yells for his troops. 1 With a RPG-7, 4 With AK-47s and 1 setting up PMN Mines everywhere. The RPG Unit sneaks across the Police and sets up at a nearby Building, holding an AK-47 also.

Taliban- 6    SWAT- 6


The SWAT members come in and go in a arrowhead formation. One Taliban member was walking around but a LWRC PSD Ritfle guy shot him before he managed to see the SWAT team. After coming to a hallway with multiple directions, the 6 SWAT members split up in groups of 2. 1 with a Beneli and 1 with a LWRC PSD in each group.

Taliban - 5    SWAT - 6

One of the 2 SWAT members in a group set up a Taser Shockwave nearby. 2 Taliban Members sneak up behind them and attempt to slit their throats. 1 Suceeds, killing the LWRC PSD guy and the Beneli Guy shoots him. The SWAT member chases the Taliban member, however he blows up by a PMN mine, also slightly dazing the Taliban Member.

Taliban - 4    SWAT - 4

One of the SWAT members got lost and found the Dazed Taliban Member and shoots him. He keeps walking but a Taliban member sees him and yells "FOR GOD!!!" and blows him up with the RPG-7. The Taliban Member laughs. Another SWAT Member sees him and says "Damn! Talk about a hell of a bloody mess!". The SWAT member goes into the opposite direction, finding the dead bodies from the other scene.

Taliban - 3    SWAT - 3

A Taliban member is walking with an AK-47 and tries to find the SWAT members but gets a HeadShot from the SWAT officer at the building. Another Taliban Member jumps a SWAT member, taking away his Beneli and throwing him into a wall, stabbing him repeatedly. Right before the SWAT member dies, he grabs the Taliban Member and throws him into a wall, the Taliban member pulling him along. They each Blow up from a PMN mine that was set nearby.

Taliban - 1     SWAT - 2

A SWAT member goes thoughout the building, trying to find the last Taliban member. The Taliban Member puts his away his RPG-7 and grabs his AK-47 and Sneaks inside the Building. The SWAT member sees the Taliban Member but the Taliban member kills the SWAT member faster. The SWAT member leaves the building, Beneli M4 in Hand, and enters the school. The Taliban Leader, school exploding detonation item in hand, says, "Damn, my members are dead, I may as well be dead, but I may take a few--" The SWAT member kicks the detonation item away and shoots the Taliban member. He then grabs the detonation item, goes outside, puts it away and yells in victory for his hometown.

Taliban - 0    SWAT - 1



SWAT won because they have more accurate and reliable guns compared to the Taliban.

SWAT KILLS: 556 Kills

LWRC PSD Ritfle: 263 Kills--> The Speed, accuracy and versetility of this weapon is just amazing...

Beneli M4: 167 Kills--> This Shotgun has great Knockback power and has super killing power

Remington 700: 126 Kills--> This Ritfle is great, but to be honest, its hard to shoot though schools

Taser Shockwave: 0 Kills--> 0 killing potential


AK-47: 299 Kills--> Great Speed, can be used at close and medium range, just an amazing gun

RPG-7: 100 Kills--> This explosive kills many people, so it did good, but it killed a lot of his own men...

PMN Mine: 36 Kills--> This Mine is a supriser but cant kill lots of people so...

Bayonet: 9 Kills--> Can be attached to the AK-47 so it kills the SWAT members easier in hand-to-hand combat but still did bad.

UP NEXT: The KGB, Russias eliete Spies fights the Mafia, the Italian Gang who killed lots of people.