Hippies Create Retardo-Mobile, Embrace Flintstone Technology

September 30, 2008

So you’re looking to get a hybrid, but you feel like perhaps the Prius is a bit played out now. HumanCar hears you. They’ve created the Imagine_PS just for you. Like a typical hybrid, its secondary source of power is an electric motor. But the primary one isn’t a gasoline or diesel motor. It’s your ass.


The Imagine_PS is basically a mobile rowing machine – as you row, the car is propelled forward. When you get to a serious obstacle like... say, a small hill, sissies can call upon the electric motor to lend a hand.

All this feel-good green ecofriendliness can be had for pratically nothing – err, about 15 grand – the price of a Honda Civic. This thing looks like a blast in the rain. Or the freeway.

Oh wait. NO SALE. [Source: Treehugger]