A.C. Slater Remains Controversial Figure in the Drunken Sports Fan Community

January 13, 2011

Last night, a possibly inebriated Zack Morris supporter was detained after violently smashing a framed photo of Saved by the Bell wrestling star A.C. Slater. The picture, which was proudly displayed above a urinal at Mullet’s Sports Bar in a Chicago suburb, was not permanently damaged, though the “Slater Hater” was forced to pay $11 in reparations.

The Chicago Tribune reports that when authorities were called to investigate the Bayside hate crime the assailant responded to questions about his motives by claiming “I just don't like Slater.”

It’s also fair to assume that jealousy over his brief, but memorable, tryst with Kelly Kapowski played a role in his vengeance.

Photo: Joey Foley/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images