Boomerang Endorsed by Japanese Astronaut

May 13, 2008



Takeo Doi kicked the wheels of a newly designed boomerang, called a "Roomerang", during his last stay in the International Space Station in March. Testing how the boomerang, designed by Gary Broadbent, functioned in a low-gravity environment, Doi made a video of the trial. The boomerang is built for indoor settings and flies 5 to 8 feet before returning to its point of origin.





For those of us who aren't soon to be space bound, the boomerang has slightly less appeal. In fact, for the average frisbee-lover I'm not sure it has any appeal at all. You could squirt toothpaste into the International Space Station and it would probably blow my mind. Here's a list of what would not be cool in space:

--Hostile aliens

--Giant flaming meteors crashing to Earth

--The Russians (too late!)

--Galactus, Devourer of Worlds

--George Will

--Long division

Boomerangs in space... That's definitely cooler than George Will.