Mantenna - Tuesday, October 6

October 6, 2009

Katy Perry gets it on with her new man friend, Rush Limbaugh tries to get involved in professional sports, and everyone's favorite campy Vegas movie is getting a's one small step for man, and one giant leap for the Mantenna.

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Russell Brand Officially Shagging Katy Perry

Russell Brand, the recent host of MTV’s VMAs and notorious ladies man, has said he thinks he’s “in love” with Katy Perry. The two hooked up at the VMA after party. Soon after Katy sent Brand a picture of her breasts and he whisked her away for a week’s vacation in Thailand.  A source close to Brand say he’s “fancied Katy for ages and was like an excited schoolboy after they got together. He really sees her as an ideal catch and is prepared to stop seeing other girls.” What a lucky SOB. [Holy Moly]

Elizabeth Taylor Tweets About Heart Surgery

Iconic actress Elizabeth Taylor is going under the surgeon’s knife for a bit of heart surgery. The 77-year-old former film star wrote on Twitter, “Any prayers you happen to have lying around I would dearly appreciate. I'll let you know when it's all over. Love you, Elizabeth." Get well, Liz. [People]

Five Government Gadgets Designed to Make You Paranoid

Ever wonder where the hundreds of billions of dollars the U.S. government puts in their budget every year ends up? Sure, some of it goes to worthwhile programs like Medicare and defense funding, but a whole bunch of it goes to futuristic gadgets. Gunaxin has put together a comprehensive list of the ones most likely to bring out the conspiracy nut in you, so take a look. Don't worry, we're sure no one's checking your surfing habits or anything. [Gunaxin]

Rush Limbaugh Plans to Buy NFL Franchise


Source: Bill Pugliano/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Sometime between the breakfast buffet and rehabilitation support group meeting, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh decided he wanted to team up Missouri billionaire Dave Checketts to buy the St. Louis Rams. The Rams organization, which has fallen on difficult times of late, is worth an estimated $929 million and would likely be the most expensive thing Limbaugh ever purchased… legally. [Yahoo!]

Showgirls: The Sequel

For those of you who couldn’t get enough of the first, there’s going to be a sequel to Showgirls. The story is going to focus on Penny and Hope, and it involves Hope dying of bad cocaine and her brother heading to Frankfurt to exact revenge on the drug dealers. This sounds a lot more like a sequel to Taken than it does to Showgirls, but hey, if we can get our boobs and action in the same movie, then so much the better. Here’s a movie you and the girlfriend can both go to and love. [Dlisted]

The Flash Slows Down

Ever since Warner Bros. set up their own division to handle DC properties, certain comic book characters are getting more attention than others. It’s looking like The Flash is going to have to slow waaaaay down. Charles Roven, a producer who worked on The Dark Knight and was attached to a movie version of The Flash at Warner Bros., says that the project is not going anywhere fast. “Warner Bros. came to me and said, 'The work that you've been doing hasn't yet resulted in something that any of us, including the filmmaking team, feel could be greenlit as a movie.’” That’s not good. Apparently writer David Goyer even wrote a script for the film, but no dice. The Flash is going to have to sit on his hands until Warner Bros. can catch up. []

German Scientists Create "Steel Velcro"

The German researchers at the Technical University of Munich, working in conjunction with industrial firms based in Germany, say they have created a new hook-and-loop fastener using steel, chosen for its high resistance to mechanical loads and chemical corrosion. In developing the fastener, which is dubbed "Metaklett," from the German word for Velcro "Klettband," Josef Mair and his colleagues tested a range of different hook designs. After combining laboratory testing with computer simulations, the researchers settled on two specific designs, both of which  are resistant to chemicals and remain fastened up to 800 degrees Celsius. [The Register]

Sony Unveils an More High Def HDTV For an Absurd Price

Regular HDTV is so last year. What you really need is a 4K TV, one with four times the resolution of HD. And hey, Sony's new TRIMASTER offers just that...for a price. Yes, the $76,583, 56-inch set sports a resolution of 3840x2160, which means you can cram four full-res HD feeds in there at one time. You know, for watching four football games at once, or four movies at once. Samsung announced a similar, larger set a couple years ago, but as far as we know it never actually became a real product. So if there's 77 large burning a hole in your pocket, this baby can be yours. [Engadget]

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